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Jobs: The real prayer Nigeria Needs….

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Jobs, jobs and jobs..

Some people have already lost their jobs and they aren’t few. It’s not because they have committed any offence, they just found out in the evening before heading home that the “story is over”. 


Some are not sure they will still have their jobs by the end of the week/month. They have been “informed” that “the reverend father is calling off the mass” by that time. Mind you, they aren’t few. 


Many are even ‘working’ but they have forgotten the meaning of salaries. Their employers have equally  forgotten the actual meaning of salaries.


Many more are outside without jobs wondering whether there’s still God at all because they observe their prayers as they should but naadaaa. ..


The ones who are working and getting paid have found out that their monies cannot be spent by themselves alone. They have no choice than to “democratise” the allocation of their money. They have equally found out the most ingenious ways to dodge calls without appearing that they’re dodging. 


The truth of the matter is this: You can’t really do more than your strength. You have to accept your situation and move on. Giving up hope is not a choice nor an option. A lost hope is 6 ft below. That you fell down yesterday was yesterday. Standing up today has no bearing to yesterday’s fall unless you make it so. The situation is dire I agree, but it ends there. What will galvanise your progression can only be done by one person: YOU….you can’t lose……Ewolewooooo! !!!!

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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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