Jonathan going on Exile??

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What is going on? Former President Jonathan on exile in Ivory Coast? This is the story on the road as we speak. I hope this is not the case. However, the way things are going, it would be a surprise that GEJ is sleeping easy. When you listen to what his former aides are saying, it wouldn’t be an easy time for the former president.



The former aides of President Jonathan are not doing anything to keep him out of the fray. They’re doing everything to bring out his name whenever any of them is “roughened up” in any corruption mess.  When Sambo Dasuki was apprehended on this 2.1 billion dollars arms mess, the first name he shouted was the former President. He was screaming “ ask president Jonathan o!!” at every turn of the investigation. It was Jonathan not me that instructed this or that. Wayo Sambo!!



When Olisah Metuh was busted in his 400 million naira money mess, it was Jonathan’s name that he was parroting all the while. You would wonder whether it was Jonathan that instructed him to convert part of the money to 2 million dollars and transfer it to his offshore personal accounts. The man is busy parroting Jonathan’s name in his ongoing trial as we speak. No day passes without Metuh bringing up Jonathan’s name in the money that was entirely chopped by him(Metuh). GEJ don see something I tell you.



How about Femi Fani kayode who chopped 840 million naira alone? He whacked it and cleaned mouth. Now that he is caught, he is busy screaming Jonathan’s name at every turn. “It is Jonathan o”  as screamed by Fani- kayode. The way Fani kayode is shouting Jonathan’s name, you would think that the money he paid into his personal accounts was shared with Jonathan’s siblings. Fani just whacked the money in its entirety. Only Fani chopped 840 million naira, why calling Jonathan’s name every time? Jonathan na wa o!!


I can go on and on. The bottom line is this; none of his former aides is ready to protect him or his name. The loyalty pledge is no more.



Jonathan has found out that he made a critical error. He shouldn’t have lost the election. Now that he lost, he is on his own. A loser doesn’t have any bargaining power in the political calculations. He should have investigated OBJ. He didn’t do that and OBJ has become part of the people judging him. To make matters worse, almost all his aides that were caught are ready to do him in to save their own heads. Jonathan needs to think deeply about going on exile o!! He might actually need it. All hell is breaking loose I must confess.



For now, Jonathan is on his own. He is sadly finding it out in an uncomfortable way…Ewolewoo!!


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