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Jose Mourinho: Chelsea so weak. FA so wicked. Referees so mean.

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Last year Chelsea was so strong. Infact Chelsea was so strong that it was  difficult to defeat Chelsea in a straight game by any team. Chelsea was flying then as it was the team of the moment. The team was so superb that the mistakes of ivanovic against Manchester united at the old Trafford last season didn’t cost them to lose the match. The team was so organized that the meanness of the referee against them in their match with Southampton at  St Mary’s last season did not cost them the mach. Last season, Chelsea was strong and virile that the team still won the league with 3 matches to go. They would have won with like 5 or 6 matches to go if they had the system on their side.


Now come this season; Chelsea is just anything but strong. The team has totally collapsed in all ramifications. We now have a team that has forgotten about how to do the basic thing with the ball. The team has imploded. Eden hazard  doesn’t know how to run again. The young man has lost speed. A man that has been compared to Ronaldo and messi has been turned into a huge joke. He cannot dribble while his ability to lay proper pass to his colleague has been totally diminished. He has played 2 penalty kicks this season and he lost the two.  He gets 200,000 pounds per week yet he has been useless so far.  Fabrigas is another lost case. Just like Hazard, he is no longer a force to be reckoned with by any stretch of imagination. How about Diego Costa? The man doesn’t know the direction of the goal post anymore. He is more interested in wrestling and taekwondo than  scoring these days. He is gradually becoming a lost cause too. Costa has turned out to be a Chelsea misfit which is unfortunate.


Now that Chelsea is not doing well on the field, the debilitating actions of the FA have now become an issue. The FA has not been fair to Chelsea and Mourinho  in their actions. They have taken a dim look at anything against Chelsea but turn the blind eye to the same thing against other teams. The way the FA went all out to deal with Diego Costa in the match against Arsenal defies all logic. The way the FA wielded their big stick on Mourinho for criticizing a referee but yet kept quite when Arsene wenger did same doesn’t make any sense. It was the guilty conscience that the FA harboured which made them not to ban Mourinho before the match against Liverpool FC. Thankfully they were smart enough not to ban Mourinho.  Had they done so and Chelsea lost, then your guess would have been as good as mine.


How about the referees? I believe they have had a meeting with Chelsea as a main agenda. Now look at last 2 chelsea matches; Matic had 2 yellow cards shown to him in 2 fouls against West ham United.  He was promptly sent off for an early shower. In Chelsea’s match with Liverpool FC where Lucas had 5 fouls but only one yellow card given to him. I still remember the match against man city where costa was not given awarded a penalty and Remires goal was wrongly ruled offside.  Chelsea lost this match by 3-0.This kind of actions have effects on matches and in chelsea’s case they’ve been very massive in the negative.


Mourinho has to accept his part of responsibility in this instance. Why he has stuck to some boys despite their shambolic actions on the field still defies logic. His believe in some players who have lost interest in football still baffles everyone. His interest in still following a narrow concept of style when he doesn’t have the players still confounds everyone. The luck he has right now is the 30 million pounds pay off that is scaring off the club’s hierarchy. As I learnt, his representatives are insisting on full payment if he must be sacked. Somehow something must surely give way if the gale of losses continues…

For now, Chelsea is very weak and the FA and the Referees have added there confusion in the mix…Ewolewoo!!



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