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Jose Mourinho: This is not sounding nice

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Jose Mourinho has failed his own test. He has failed the test of self-appraisal and evaluation. He is losing it I tell you. The Chelsea I watched against Everton today was a broken team devoid of any charisma. The Chelsea that has been playing for the past 4 weeks is not my dear Chelsea, it is a team that shouldn’t be in the premiership in the first place.


A Chelsea that couldn’t beat Swansea at home is not our team . A Chelsea that lost to crystal Palace at home defiles logic. It is no surprise that Manchester city rail-roaded the team during their match. This Chelsea team needs something fresh. I hope Mourinho really understands the enormity of the issue at hand. It is definitely not sounding nice.


You don’t go into a new season in English premiership believing that only the existing players are fine for you. You don’t go into a new season not preparing by engaging in proper pre-season workouts. You don’t go into a new season with over-confidence on the basis that you easily won the previous season. You don’t go into a new season displaying “loyalty” to players who have either lost focus or strength. You don’t go into a new season changing your philosophy when you know you don’t have boys that could propagate the “new philosophy”. Mourinho wants to do the passing game with the boys on board but they just don’t have the capacity for that. He needs to change strategy but the time is running out on him.


As a Chelsea fan, I have accepted that the league is gone. I know it would be a miracle for anything tangible to be achieved with the boys we’ve got. What we should be interested in as I speak now is recovery. The recovery should be in terms of our ability to rise as much as we can on the table. The Chelsea team, as it were, does not have the guile for any title challenge. It is turning to a lost cause.


To Jose Mourinho; This is not soundind nice at all….Ewolewoo!!!

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