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Jose Mourinho: It’s time to go home

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Did anyone watch Last Saturday’s Chelsea match with Southampton played in Stamford bridge? It would have soothed my soul if the match was in Saint Mary’s stadium(Southampton FC home). At least the “home team” would be quite clear. It was as if Chelsea team was playing an away match. They didn’t play anything at all. No guile, no tactics, naadaa!! It was that bad.


This is official; Chelsea has no business thinking about winning the Premier League. It is now beyond them. Who confirmed this? Jose Mourinho himself did this in his post-match interview. This is the lot of Chelsea this season. Are we used to it? Naaa!! But it’s the sad reality.


Jose Mourinho has self-imploded. He deliberately refused, in an uncharacteristic manner, to be objective and realistic with his team. He believes that other coaches would tow behind him with his philosophy. He gave players, like Ivanovic and Fabrigas among others, the believe that they would always play even when it’s clear that they are not prepared for this season’s premier league.  He still believes in Hazard, when hazard knows that he would be better playing with “Taraba united” this season instead of Chelsea. He refused to change his narrow concept of looking at games when it’s clear that other managers have “decoded” him big time. He is thinking of a certain philosophy of play in his brain, but he refuses to acknowledge that he doesn’t have the boys with the athleticism and flair to accomplish such. They can run forward but cannot return. They’re slow in returning after attacking which is a big minus. Above all, he refused to buy quality players to add to his team because he believes he has what, in reality, he doesn’t have. He is now in trouble, big trouble!!


That he is still the Chelsea manager after that match must be a miracle of the century. If you cannot defeat Newcastle, crystal palace, Swansea and Southampton which team are you going to defeat? At this stage last season, Chelsea was flying but this season Chelsea is crying. Infact we(Chelsea supporters) are crying. Whatever happened to our dear Chelsea is still a mystery to be investigated. This team has to be saved. Chelsea cannot continue this way. It is damaging everything we hold dear. This is getting messier every passing match. I just don’t get it.


The way the team is right now, it is clear that Mourinho, despite my fondness of him, has lost touch with reality. Mourinho has been tactic-busted by other managers and he is now confused. He is surrounded with boys who can no longer cope with his regimen. They cannot again because they are either “spent” or just no more in the right frame of mind to do what they would love to do. You could see the way the Southampton boys “blew them away” the way Arsenal showed Man U on Sunday in the first 20 minutes. Mourinho has lost it. There’s a need for a new dawn in Chelsea. We are already in relegation battle zone which is really sad.


To Mourinho, it is time to go to Lisbon and have some rest out of football. For now Chelsea needs to wake up from her slumber but with Mourinho, still in charge, the snore would change to a higher gear. Mr Mourinho, It is time to say Goodbye….Ewolewooo!!

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