Kerosene subsidy; Where is our money? Who got what?

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In 2009, Late President Yaradua removed kerosene subsidy. He wrote to NNPC via a memo that kerosene subsidy should be a thing of the past. Do you know what happened? NNPC continued charging the federation account on this same issue even after a valid Presidential directive. In NNPC books there was still subsidy and money was rolling into some people’s pockets.


When GEJ came in, it escalated. NNPC would claim to buy a litre of kerosene at N150 and also claim to be selling it to the public at N50. So NNPC, in the first instance, had a direct charge of N100 subsidy on the federation account for any litre sold. E neva finish o!!  No one was buying kerosene at N50 as claimed by NNPC but at between N170-220. So at both ends, the masses were losing. It’s good to be in these agencies I won’t lie..


All these came to head during the “missing US$20 billion saga” as the then CBN Governor screamed. However when Deziani was asked to explain why her ministry disregarded a valid Presidential directive on kerosene subsidy? She casually told everyone who cared to listen, in her usually ‘complicated grammar’ that a presidential memo is not binding on her. As at that time, Sanusi claimed that over 5 billion dollars was stolen because of this scam. Ofcourse where is deziani to explain this gray area? She has given herself “medical immunity”. If you want proof of that that ask Dele momodu.


The truth is this: it is not enough to tell us that kerosene subsidy is being removed when we never enjoyed the so-called subsidy. It would be unfair to tell me that you are no more putting meat inside my soup when I never enjoyed any meat abinitio. This tells us that some people have enjoyed it all along on our behalf. So who are they? We cannot continue “subsidising the rich” while others are just there praying for better days.


It is simple and clear that some people have been billionaires on account of the “phantom kerosene subsidy” and it is not in anyone’s interest that we should just allow it go.  Announcing that kerosene subsidy is removed makes no sense to anyone because there never was!!  We need to know who got what and how.

Lamido Sanusi has to come out with the facts as given in January 2014. He has to come up with the “issues” as raised then. He is still alive and well. 20 billion dollars is not  “Nkwobi joint” money. This should not be allowed to die.

 Meanwhile where is Farook Lawan? Where is Otedola? What happened to the US$620k farook lawan took as bribe from Otedola? What happened to Lawan’s allegations that N999 million each was withdrawn 128 times within 24 hrs and paid to “unknown entities”? All these stuffs are out in the open, so what’s going on?

Are we to  just say that Kerosene subsidy has been removed while the people who profited from this scam should go home and Enjoy?  It is never done…. Ewolewooo!!

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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