kidnappers: Are they in charge?

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We are in perilous times as we speak. The times have changed and have pivoted in the southern direction. Kidnappers have taken over reigns of power I can tell you. It seems everyone is powerless in this menace.

Funny enough the kidnappers now understand what everyone knows. They now understand that money resides with Goverment people based on the high profile people they’ve been taken into their hideouts. The chairman of UBEC(Universal Basic Education) Mahmood Mohammed and his daughter were just kidnapped on Abuja-kaduna Highway. I don’t believe this is a coincidence. These guys seem to know about the guy so they went for him. This just explained what we’re dipping ourselves into..

The other day they picked a bus of about 30 passengers on East west road in Rivers State.. That road is turning to be their control center. It seems the police and other security officials have given up hope on that road. They seem to be more interested in something else other than checking these guys..

These blood thirsty guys know for a fact that no Nigerian politician is interested in the safety of their citizens. Politics in Nigeria is serious business and fighting for it is a fight for survival of your business empire. The kidnappers just keyed into it..They have added politicians to their register.

They know most citizens would keep their monies in their banks thereby holding only their ATM cards. This means that the robbers lost out in robbing people of their hard earned money at home. Home robbery is being knocked off due to technology… They have pivoted to kidnapping. Unfortunately, for the politicians and public officials, the kidnappers have realized that more money is gotten from them.

They’re the only individuals in Nigeria who deal with raw cash running to billions..Banks in Nigeria are just for them.. Businesses in Nigeria are by (and for) them. Billions are for them. So if the kidnappers can’t get many ordinary people to kidnap like in East West road, Just one Public official is more than super cool for them like done on the Abuja- Kaduna Road..

Wait a minute : If you travel from Warri to Port Harcourt, or Port Harcourt to Eket(all at that East West road Axis) you’d see police road blocks at every 30 meters or less yet this happens regularly..

Someone somewhere needs to understand that security of life and properties is their total and unconditional responsibility. When you fail to do this, the results are what you currently get…

Will the kidnapping stop? The question can only be answered by the public and security officials. For now, they’re still dancing round corners. When they’re ready we’ll has better be soon..

I still remain your quite friend. I hope it remains peaceful and gentle around you.. Ewolewoo!

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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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