Lamorde: When delay can be dangerous..

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Lamode(the EFCC chairman) has seen that when dealing with high stake corruption you have to be detailed and quick in your prosecution. Delay can be dangerous my people. He is learning that the people who stole have their armies of supporters too.  They’ve got the cash and the “goodwill” of them to cause ‘maximum damage’.  In Saraki, he is seeing an example of how this scenario can play out.

Sometime last month in this website we published  two articles (, )  that gave some hints into why Saraki, being a senate President at all, is a collective shame to the system. We also highlighted the fact that EFCC gra-gra- attitude is not a good way in tackling corruption. When you waste time, you give the alleged culprit an opportunity to ‘manoeuvre’ and cause confusion and distraction.  It is far easier for the man who has the means to do so. In a poverty stricken system like ours, where the judiciary can easily be manipulated,  it would be smooth sailing.


Please Google how Ibori was charged and convicted even in the UK. His case was very expeditious because there was a realization that corruption cases are emergency cases. The UK authorities knew his worth and they were not ready to delay at all. When Bernard Madoff was caught in the US and arranged to court for high wire fraud and money laundering, he had no choice than to just plead guilty. The Americans were not ready to waste their time in the court. They knew delay could be dangerous and messy. The case was presented smartly and with so many details that Madoff just “signed off”.  Corruption cases shouldn’t drag on without end.


On July 27, EFCC “invited”( or was it arrested ?) saraki’s wife in a case of alleged money laundering. The EFCC told the whole world that they had solid case against the woman. I am also aware that the  police anti-Fraud unit also said same against the senate president before the last elections. After grilling Toyin Saraki in their office over 4 weeks ago, the case is suddenly turning to a ‘cold case’. EFCC went to sleep in this instance. We knew and called it “gra-gra”. Unfortunately EFCC is proving us right…


Now Saraki has reacted “powerfully” by manipulating the EFCC lack of concentration. He is now putting Lamorde on the spot. EFCC gra-gra- has caught up with EFCC. Lamorde’s lack of action would now be used against him. Saraki is now calling Lamorde a thief too.  You see the wahala? The point is simple: “Back off from me and my family and I would leave you alone”.  I am the Senate President remember!!


If Lamorde cannot fight corruption, he should just “shift” abeg…  When gra-gra- too much , with no action, na d result be ds….Ewolewooo!!

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  1. Aminu Baba August 28, 2015 at 7:24 am -  Reply

    Kill corruption or corruption will kill you. As if Buhari was addressing our EFCC boss directly. How prophetic!

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