Ministerial nominees: Welcome to Saraki’s game of chess

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I pity Buhari’s ministerial nominees. I really pity them I must confess. They are in for “real trouble”. The way I see the senate and with my knowledge of Saraki, it would be a miracle if they come out unscathed the way things are. Saraki is in court so everyone must suffer. It is now to your tent …


If you have been following our series on Saraki’s trial, we predicted that he would bring complications and more complications into the game. It is now time to have his pound of flesh, everyone would now suffer just because one man didn’t declare his assets correctly and he was caught. Na ya friends go catch u bifor?  This is the situation on board as we speak.


Let me make this clear, any public officer who declares his assets publicly is my man anyday. You can blame the president all you want but he has declared an asset base that you can agree or disagree with. Please tell me a politician you like and show me his/her assets, that is the starting point.You have a basis to challenge him on that. Mind you, it pays to declare huge assets when you take political power in Nigeria because you would surely make it up. It doesn’t pay, a normal Nigerian Politician, to declare austere amount in his bank account when he is about to be a Nigerian governor or president because he would believe that he has just set himself up. So I applaud anyone who does that because I know Nigerians with “anticipatory assets declarations”.  None of these political characters who have refused to declare their assets publicly to the Nigerian public can, in good conscience, come to challenge the President. Declare your own publicly and then challenge him should be the mantra.


Meanwhile, I can guess what would happen in the coming days. The ministerial list would be made so much of an issue that the Saraki’s case could now be tied into the generated confusion. I know Nigerian politics too well to understand that once an “Oga at the top” is accused or arraigned for corruption in a Nigerian court, people try as much as they can to “trivialise and superimpose” the case with another matter altogether. This has to be rejected.


The senate has the constitutional role of checking the ministerial nominees no doubt, however that role has to be separated from Saraki’s trial.  The signs I am noticing is something that is not moving in that direction. The direction of saraki and his people trying to link the two issues is the picture coming from the chamber as we speak. For wia!! Reject whoever you want to reject on proven grounds but that Saraki’s case must be heard and decided.


On the 21st of this month, he would go to that tribunal and answer his name. He would go to the tribunal and prove, in black and white, that he didn’t declare assets, he never had as his, when he was about to be Governor of kwara state. We need to understand that this is a serious case. These kindergarten attempts of trying to make the ministerial nominees pay for his sins would never work.

Reject all the nominees if you want, but that case must go on and we would get to the conclusion of the matter.  All these deliberate media generated confusion about ministerial nominees make no sense at all. The two issues are totally different and must be treated differently.

Na wa oo!! A man sitting in the dock for corruption would be in charge of vetting ministerial nominees. Your guess is as good as mine as to the outcome… Meanwhile, I heard that they are planning to “vet” the President as the minister in his own cabinet that he supervises and also the sole authority….LOL!!! Na talk be dat? I knew this would happen…

Twale to my senate preside!! I nor talk naatin!!….Ewolewooo!!!

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