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MTN, You have to settle with the Gang of 63…

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Yesterday, MTN was in the industrial court trying to meander out of the case with her former 63 staffs. It was a pathetic case in the least as MTN could only bring in a witness that joined the company in 2012. However, MTN sacked these staffs in 2009. That is the way Nigerians are being treated in Nigeria I tell you.


This is the same company that is begging the Federal Government of Nigeria  to settle out of court in a case of serial security infractions. This is a company that is talking to anyone that matters in the polity to get in touch with  Buhari in their instance. They are doing everything possible to settle a case with the Government but are making it totally impossible to just settle with these guys.


Many have suffered.  Many have lost Egos. Many of these individuals have lost what it means to have confidence in whatever form. With the harsh economic conditions in Nigeria, it is even far worse for many of these guys. There is a reason why we have David in the Bible. It was not for show. MTN, as Goliath, should understand the import of this. A hungry man is not only an Angry man, but his measurement of frustrations could be over the top.  This should make sense to some egg-heads in MTN.


We have reached a cross-road in Nigeria where we have to make companies treat Nigerians the way they treat their Nationals in their parent country. We have to understand that Nigerians must matter in Nigeria. No one is saying that you must not hire and fire, but we must follow the contractual obligations inherent in the papers we signed. A situation in which a company is allowed the principle of might-is-right to the citizens of the country it is operating cannot work.

I want to sound this loud and clear to the management of MTN, this  matter is not going away until someone in the leadership of the organization realizes that it is better  to settle with these former employees. Anything contrary to this would only drag but would never cure the “cancer” as it is..Ewolewoo!!

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