MTN, Treat the gang of 63 the same way you treated the fallen M.Ds

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Wait a minute!! MTN paid a former M.D,Mr. Sifiso Dabengwa, the sum of 1.8 million dollars? MTN followed it up by also paying another M.D, Mr. Mike Ikpoki, the sum of US$1.2 million? However, MTN is battling 63 former staffs in the industrial court for “pittance” pay-out? What do you call this? Is this not wickedness?


When I said that ordinary Nigerians have been through hell in cases involving corporate hooliganism, some people tend to disagree. Look at the case of MTN. MTN has been playing “footie games” with her ex 63  staffs that the company sacked in 2009  without paying anything.  These Nigerians were just sent packing with nothing. They didn’t steal. They didn’t make MTN lose money. They didn’t do anything. They were just sacked!!


Mind you the former M.D , Mr. Sifiso Dabengwa, that was paid this money was partly responsible for the humongous fine of 1 trillion naira imposed on the company by the Nigerian government. To make this arrangement more laughable, the other M.D, Mr. Mike Ikpoki, that caused this fine was also paid US$1.2 million as pay-out. Yet you have  63 Nigerians who have worked their soul out for the company but were just tossed away into the hot sun.


This wickedness oozes to high heavens I must confess. Mr Sifiso Dabengwa, who made MTN lose so much money due to the Nigerian fine joined the company in October 2001, yet among the MTN staff in the industrial court were people who joined in August 2001. Mr Dabengwa is going home with $US 1.8 million  after committing so much atrocities. However,  the Nigerians who worked diligently for the company, as full staff, for 8 years have court dates because MTN doesn’t want to pay anything to them. Is this fair?


This is not going to work MTN. This matter would not die down and disappear into the dark night. If Mr Dabengwa could get money for failing woefully, then the gang of 63 ex-staffs must get something for spending 8 years of their lives dutifully serving you. If Mr Mike Ikpoki could get US$1.2 million for messing up MTN accounts then the ex-63 staffs cannot go home with nothing. This is not something that would go away. It would not just melt off. MTN must do what is right and just in the eyes of man and God.


The gang of 63  still have a court date in May just to ask MTN for their rights. MTN can solve this issue by applying a pittance of what was applied for  Dabengwa and Ikpoki. MTN can use the appointment letters and effect what is right for these individuals. This is the only logical solution to the issue with the gang of 63.

All people of conscience have to prevail on MTN to settle with the gang of 63. It has been done before and nothing stops MTN from doing same again. Some people aren’t less human than some. It is a fallacy to treat the issue like that.

For now, Dabengwa and Ikpoki have become the benchmark for settlement. MTN must activate this philosophy in the interest of justice and fair play. This matter, I repeat, is not going away soon. MTN must own up and settle….Ewolewoo!!


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