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MTN still has unfinished business with her 63 ex staff despite fine reduction

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MTN still has unfinished business with her 63 ex staff despite fine reduction

MTN has been running helter skelter  begging the Nigerian government in the case of this 1.4 trillion naira fine.  MTN has been wailing and crying that the money be reduced. They have been tapping all their connections in the whole wide world that the world beg Buhari and his people. Now they have been listened to. The money has been slashed to 694 billion naira.


However, they have unfinished business. MTN must settle the 63 Nigerian workers sacked without payoff in 2009. These were workers that worked as full staff members for MTN.  MTN just sacked them without any adequate provision for their payoff. Yet MTN had a 4-year debarment clause on their contract which is very unfortunate. MTN must take responsibility for this.


As earlier written on some similar MTN posts on this blog, MTN must be held to account on this. This case has been in the industrial court for over a year  no thanks to MTN delay tactics. The way they begged the Nigerian Government only shows that MTN can actually pay if the right buttons are pressed.


MTN should understand that this matter is not going away. Paying these staffs could have prevented the fine that was imposed on them. It could, at worst, have led to far bearable deductions in the fine that the NCC slammed on them.


MTN must call these staffs and discuss with them the same way Nigerian Government allowed. The new MD should take a cue from the sacked one. Call the workers and settle with them the way the Nigerian government settled with you. He that comes for equity must come with clean hands.


This is something that will continue to be an albatross on MTN unless MTN does what is right. This case is not going anywhere…

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