NDDC: Don’t stop the “enjoyment” please!!

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Somebody should warn President Buhari to back off NDDC’s case o!! In case you don’t know the full meaning of NDDC, it means Niger Delta Development commission. It is to develop the whole Niger delta and make the place look like Eldorado. This is because “We are determined to make the difference”


The other day the Auditor general went public with the fact that over #183 billion (over US$900million) was unaccounted for. Who is this auditor general sef? Doesn’t he know that NDDC has many directors and they need to live well? Doesn’t he know that we have bills to pay? He thinks because he is enjoying the “Abuja show” then we should die? He should understand that as NDDC directors, we have to be multi –millionaires if not yet billionaires. We have properties we are interested in at Abuja. We have “tins” we need to buy in Dubai. You know Dubai has so many properties for sale now and it would be a “monumental  let-down” for us not to be involved. We have kids that must go to ivy colleges in US and the UK. Does he want me to say it all? This man is wicked o!! Make una warn am ooo!! ICAN where are you? Tell the man to take his time biko!! Enemy of Progress!!!


They even said two directors of the NDDC connived and withdrew # 3.8 billion naira allocation from the NDDC account in the CBN and paid the money to their favoured contractors according to Vanguard newspapers. Nonsense!! How much is #3.8 billion that no one would rest. As directors of NDDC, God has blessed us to enjoy. If any of you thinks we must suffer like our brethrens in the Niger delta then you are mistaken. Our God is not a poverty stricken God. He has put us in positions where billions are seen and touched.  So you expect us to look the other way round? Some people can’t just remove this wicked blood in them. NDDC moni  dey  CBN, NDDC directors collect am to chop. What is wrong with that? People should mind their business o!! They should understand that Abuja people cannot come to portharcourt and harass us biko!! this is getting too much. You are chopping your own in Abuja and you said we shouldn’t enjoy what has been bestowed on us? Wondaful!! I tire !!

They even said 12.3 billion naira was split among 12 companies (close to politicians of the area) for the supply of security vehicles for the Nigerian police only for another 2.7 billion naira to be awarded for “intelligence gathering”. Yes, what were you expecting? People must chop and chop well. Of what use is money when there is no “democracy” embedded in sharing it? We need to empower our “’comrades in the struggle”. They need to understand that there’s “economic emancipation” in our work. How would they know if there’s nothing in their accounts? They have “sisi tomatoes” that they’ve got to take care of. It’s not nice that only the directors are enjoying, our boys need to enjoy too. They need to get their Miami mansions up to standard required. See, if people are frustrated, nor be we cause am o!! This kind of wahala I nor understand. You don’t want man to whack again?? Na wa o!!


Buhari should understand that if there is no contract splitting, man nor go chop na. People should be honest enough to tell the man the truth. They need to tell him to back off NDDC o!! We are not disturbing them with all the billions they are sharing in Abuja, why are they doing this to us? This is totally unfair and against all human rights principle. This is further proving of “marginalization” of the Niger Delta region. We are going to resist it with all our might.  Na wetin be ds na? I tire o!!

Let us in NDDC be…. We need our peace o!! God is watching all of us..Ewolewoo!!!

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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