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Niger Delta Avengers on the Prowl, Wahala dey o!!

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The Niger Delta Avengers just blew up the main gas pipeline supplying gas to the escravos  gas turbine power plant. This is an escalating violence that is gradually spiralling out of control. Make no mistake about it; no one is fighting for any resource control that would benefit the whole Niger Delta. Infact no one is interested in that farce. These guys want money for themselves and perhaps also want Buhari to let Tompolo be. You know the truth: they have many like minds in that area who wants similar things.


It’s sad but Government might have to talk to them I won’t lie. In as much as I detest them but I do know that government has little room to manoeuvre in this respect. The Government as it were, doesn’t have the financial muscle to engage these boys in the creek and at the same time fight boko haram. Mind you, there are other capital projects and bills that Government is still struggling to fulfil. This is a war that would be tight to win.


The oil industry has been decimated by low price of crude and Government is quite confused on how to move forward. If chevron that supplies close to 300000bpd of crude to the government coffers is disrupted, you can imagine what it would do to the already strained national finance.


The Avengers want money. Forget their rhetoric. If they are interested in the wellbeing of the area, why blow up pipelines? Blowing up pipelines is definitely not the best way to secure the environment of an area you so much love. You cannot blow up your own house that you claim to love so much because you want to prove a point. It doesn’t work that way.


Sending the military into that area has a drawback that we all know. It would further escalate issues as it would be manipulated as North versus south. Additionally, knowing the way our security services work in such areas, I would be surprised if they are not consumed in the money making ventures of illegal oil bunkering and refineries.  Also, the lure of getting the governors to part with some part of security votes should be anticipated by them. In that area, making money in the pocket is the name. Money must be shared, that’s the rule of the game. With poverty steering everyone’s face in this era of no-money, I doubt if the military guys would resist the show.  This is not a war that can be easily won o.

Government might need to look for the promoters of this group and talk with them. They need money. It is as simple as that….Ewolewoo!!


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  1. Bebbey Ebiwei May 27, 2016 at 6:52 pm -  Reply

    Maritime university will last forever but oil and gas will finish one day. He who gives university show love to the people, he who removes university show hate to the people.

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