Nigeria: Where no one accepts responsibility….

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Alex Sabundu Badeh ( the immediate past chief of defence staff) has been talking recently. He has blamed the Nigerian military as lacking in anything imaginable in this boko haram wahala. He has blamed everybody and everything but himself. To imagine that this was the same character that promised Nigerians in 2014 when he was just appointed that he would defeat Boko Haram in 4 months still baffles me. He promised and failed woefully. Infact when Boko Haram took over his village, he only did one thing: He evacuated his family members and ran away leaving his fellow villagers at the mercy of Boko haram..Mind you, he was still the chief of defence staff then o!! yeye man…

I have watched Dino Malaye( a senator and chairman of anti-corruption Network),who was in the fore front of “Jonathan is a thief” crusade. This same character escorted Saraki’s wife to the EFCC office. Mind you Saraki’s wife is being investigated for large scale money laundering. As far as he is concerned Jonathan should not be spared but Sarak is a “saint”. He is just throwing it in our faces. Can you imagine this kind of character? Na wa oo!!!

The way things are going, Madam Deziani would soon come around and “condemn” what had happened in the oil industry without blaming herself. She would tell everyone who cared to listen that she did her best but no one would listen. She go soon talk say: “Now that everytin don spoil finish, everybody would now know what she had been saying”. I wouldn’t be surprised if she claimed something like this. Na wa o!!

Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, who was the immediate past minister of Finance and coordinating minister of economy, is already singing a similar song. The economy that she has been coordinating before the new government took over has never shown any act of proper coordination. The state of our finances depends on who you are speaking with as there is no structure to hold on. Everybody has his figures I tell you. So much for coordination.. It is just freewheeling and only the almighty can tell you how the economy has been working. If you asked her about what had happened or the malfeasance that you have noticed during the years she served, the answer would be: It wasn’t me.

People join government. They go on to enjoy “heaven on earth treatment” in government. They go on to become billionaires and millionaires in Government. They get all the things they have imagined in government. On leaving Government, they deny or refuse to take any responsibility that is attached to the positions they had taken in government. They dodge any attachment that comes with any problems with their functions in government. Then they want you to reason with them. I don’t get it. You just want the enjoyment and that’s all??…..We don become mumu for dem eyes henn?

It is now a fashion in Nigeria to condemn the responsibilities and functions attached to the office you once held without taking any responsibility whatsoever. Someone should advice these people to just shut up… I nor talk naaadaaa!!……Ewolewoooo!!! #Ewolewoo#

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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