Nigeria: Catch the big thieves first….

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In Nigeria things happen I tell you. If you read the newspapers, you will see the bank debtors names everywhere. Who are the big debtors? Not me not you, but the big politicians. The same people who are getting obscene estacodes. The same people who set themselves up to get bogus government contracts. The same people who get monstrous salaries and allowances as legislators. Dat one nor do dem, dem don enter the banks.

They have collected loans running into billions of naira without any intention of paying back. If that is not callous then what is it? Forget all their denials o!! Ordinary people’s money, just imagine !! Would that exposure shake them? for wia!! They know that the worst is to take them to court where the case would go like others. They understand the judicial system very well I tell you..

About a month ago, Femi Fani kayode was discharged and a quitted on charges of money laundering. 100 million naira (about US $ 500000) meandered into his account as a federal minister and the judge was still looking for proof of wrong doing? I tire ooo!! Tell me a serious country that would allow this? We all know the salary of a minister so all the grammar should be saved for people who like to use eloquence to complicate issues

A man stole Aregbesola’ s phone sometimes ago and the law “crushed” him mercilessly. But a federal minister was so much accused of such “stealing” and the judge was acting more like fani kayode’s lawyer. This is the sad commentary of our judicial system.

A judicial system that cuddles and caresses big thieves but deal without any atom of mercy with the petty criminals. How can the system grow like this. You don’t need a seer to project where the wahala is based.

I remember Ibori’s case, Our judicial system exempted him of all charges without conditions. However, when the British came up with the same allegations, Ibori refused to go for full trial in the UK. He just pleaded “Guilty” because he knows what everyone knows. The money dey “under pillow”.

To catch a thief is simple. But in Nigeria, the nature of thief depends on how much money he’s able to steal. His ability to shout persecution, wichhunting ,..etc to the highest level would also help in shielding him from the main issue of wayo.. Once he has the money to guarantee properties in Ikoyi, Asokoro or Dubai for the concerned judges, black will immediately turn to red while pure snow white would start looking like dark purple. Complications would be manufactured and the man would just go Scot free. At best the case would be continuously adjourned till everyone forgets about it.

Some people should understand that the act of ‘mumu’ is not a General phenomenon. We nor all b “pako” oo!! We sabi evry. …Wayo wayo!!! I just want to be silent in this case…If not….. #Ewolewoo!!

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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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