Nnamdi kanu: Thou shall not be caught……

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There’s an adage that says whatever you are doing make sure you ensure this fact: “don’t be caught’’. It is more unforgiving if you are caught by the enemy that you have despised without sparing any comprehension.   Once that happens to you, you are on your own. If you like speak all the available grammar you can muster, the fact still remains that you are on your own.


Nnamdi kanu, the leader of the indigenous People of Biafra(IPOB) and the operator of Radio Biafra failed that critical lesson. He failed that fact. He allowed “other pecuniary interests” that originally defined his modus operandi to come to the surface too early. He has deliberately entered the lion’s den and he’s crying for help. How that would work I don’t understand.


Nmamdi  Kanu has called Nigeria a zoo. He said Nigeria is a zoological garden heading for destruction. He said Nigeria would be reduced to rubbles until all the demands he espoused for Biafra actualization are met. He said a lot of unprintable things about the entity called Nigeria.

In a “very interesting and strange turnaround”, Nnamdi kanu left where he was in Europe and came down to Nigeria. He came down to the “zoo” he wants destroyed. Unfortunately for him, he was “decoded” and caught by the “head of the zoo” that he despised so much. He is in the custody of the head of the zoo in the same zoo. He now wants the “head of the zoo” to leave him alone to go home in peace. Is that possible? I don’t understand how he rationalises things.


I remember 1994, when M.K.O Abiola was seriously  fighting for the realization of his mandate. He went somewhere in Ikeja and declared himself president-elect.  Abacha’s  people came around and MKO Abiola wilfully allowed himself to be spotted and arrested. That was the end of his mandate I tell you. Once you are in your enemy’s gulag, your territorial aspiration is over. Once you are caught, the ace is no more on your side; it is on the side of your traducers. Your ability to manoeuvre is as determined by your captors.

I knew Nnamdi kanu wasn’t serious with this Biafra agitation( . I knew he was more driven by his hatred for Buhari than his love for the Biafra’s cause. I knew at a point he would silently crave for some form of negotiation for himself which has boomeranged on him.

I am an Igbo man who has nieces, nephews and cousins and very close friends who are in other tribes. Was he espousing the Rwandan type genocide where husbands killed wives and vice-versa  because they are of different tribes? Was he telling the Igbo guys who built Alaba to pack out of lagos and go to the east? Was he telling the Igbos who populates the stretch from Mile-2 all the way to Badagry to just clear out of Lagos? Was he telling the Igbos who are the major landlords in Omole, Isolo, okota, Surulere, lekki to leave their properties and dissolve into thin air? How about the Igbos who are the major landlords in Eleyele, ijokodo and the new Bodija areas among others in Ibadan to just waka? Was he telling the Igbos who are already established in Sabongeri area of kano to go away?  I can go on and on… How would the destruction of the zoo he called Nigeria affect these individuals?

Nnamdi Kanu failed the real test of his own belief. Nnamdi put himself in a complicated mission he is either not ready to follow through or just plainly seeking a personal bargaining chip. Unfortunately, he played it with people who are not ready to play ball with him.

In a battle front, you either decide to battle or run away. However, once you deliberately become a prisoner of war, then you have to learn to leave by that new status. Nnamdi Kanu got himself into trouble. Nnamdi kanu drove himself into trouble. Nnamdi  is in jail because he dribbled himself into it. For now, his only saviour is the same head of the zoo he despises so much; Buhari… too bad…. Ewolewoo!!


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