NNPC has started again!! Refineries rigmarole again???

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These guys in NNPC can never stop. They have started the rigmarole again. In an advert with the today’s guardian(19-04-2016), specifically on page 58, NNPC is calling for “Joint venture partners for the rehabilitation and operation of the NNPC refineries”.  I hope some people still remember the “turnaround maintenance of the refineries fame”?. Billions of dollars just disappeared and nothing happened. Naaada!! Just normal big grammar as if everyone is a “mumu”.

With this advert alone, NNPC has admitted that she cannot successfully manage 3 refineries. So there’s no story about it. NNPC has admitted her total inefficiency and grand corruption that has made it incapable of managing her own infrastructure.  An inefficient organization like this still hold “the knife and yam” over us. It’s quite sad!!


The mere fact that many heads couldn’t role due to this nonsense should show you why the queues would never end. The fuel queues would always come back. The reason is simple: the people causing the wahala have their jobs saved like the rock of Gibraltar.  NNPC has spent billions on the refineries yet nothing to show for the money spent.


Now let’s now go to the nitty gritty of the gist.  I do not trust NNPC to pick any technically/financially stable firm as her JV partner in the management of the refineries. If you know the way NNPC operates, there would be some phony companies somewhere that are being considered for this kind of “lucrative offer”. They  are “lucrative offers” because the companies would be “propped” up by the same Government money through NNPC shenanigans.  NNPC doesn’t look for REAL companies to do any serious work in his staples. NNPC looks for deal men. Period!!


NNPC is smart though, unlike the CBN that employed people without any form of advert,  NNPC would advertise to “fulfil all righteousness” but the result would still be like the CBN charade. However, in NNPC’s case, they would show you this guardian newspaper as an example of “due process” but all na lie!!  If you believe that advert, then you will believe anything. NNPC doesn’t have the internal moral consciousness for this kind of transaction. This would just melt away more of government resources like others


I have written a lot on NNPC on that I wouldn’t want to repeat salient points I had pointed out. However, the advert today as depicted by the NNPC is in bad taste. Some people in that organization have taken Nigerians as “buffoons”. Some people in that “gbukasia cocoon” have taken Nigerians as people who can only look but can never see anything. That advert connotes “wayo”.  It is an advert that is embedded with the normal shadiness that the organisation is known for.

The only way for the refineries to work will be through outright sale. The sale process must not be handled by NNPC or any person or organization close to them. The bidders must be firms that have the financial and technical wherewithal to weather the storm. They must be firms that have been successfully involved in this kind of business for a long time. They must also include the bid on their known and acknowledged websites. This is the way to go. They would buy crude oil at normal market rate and process it for domestic production at their determined rate. It is very simple. I understand that NNPC and her goons in NUPENG would want to make this far more complicated than it seems. It is their style..Wayo, wayo!!


Nigerians should wake up and see that advert as what it is: another means to channel the resources into already stuffed private accounts. Bad people!! …Ewolewoo!!

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