NNPC vs Ibe Kachukwu: casualties in a criminal game.

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Ibe Kachukwu, the present minister of state and chairman NNPC board is a troubled man. He has been shown in black and white fashion that he’s not in control of NNPC. He has seen that as far as NNPC is concerned, he’s got no powers. Naadaa!! He can speak all the grammar he wants to speak, but the real fact on the ground is this: NNPC is a state within a state. It’s either you totally dismantle that organization or just live with her monumental corruption. If only he has been reading this blog, he would have understood better… Olodo!!

NNPC as we speak has no standard audited accounts in decades. No one knows the actual volume of oil that we export. Forget all these numbers NNPC has been bandying about. NNPC would not tell you the actual cost of her overhead. NNPC would never tell you the actual amount that’s involved in fuel importation.Naadaa!! Any amount you hear depends on who you ask. That place called NNPC is a fortress for wayo. They’re so fortified that if you want to take any action against the organization, you’ll see a very serious NUPENG strike. They’re all together in the corruption gang. How Nigeria is still surviving despite NNPC’s unrelenting wayo is still a mystery to me.

Kachukwu is complaining that as NNPC board chairman, he should have been told about some postings in the organization. It’s simple: he was not told because he was either pretending not to know his power limits or he was checkmated in an internal criminal game of wits within the organization. Others can believe him but I don’t. I know that organization as a mysterious one where no one is interested in ordinary Nigerians. If you are looking for billionaire public officials, just start with NNPC management. I still don’t understand why Forbes keeps ignoring them when richest Africans are mentioned.

I have written a lot about NNPC since Kachukwu was first appointed as the GMD and then now. I wouldn’t want to do any repletion as it’s not just worth it. My answer is simple: Scrap NNPC!! The real question is if FG and Nigerians are ready to face it head on because the guys in NNPC top management are mafias with connection to NUPENG and others. If we can call their bluff, then we would get somewhere.

For Kachukwu: It’s either you deal with the wayo organization like a wayo organization and spell everything out or just leave us alone…We all knew this would be an issue..NNPC na wayo, unrepentant and vicious one at that…

I am still your quiet friend….Hope it remains peaceful and gentle around you…Ewolewoooo!!

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