Nyesom Wike: Declare your assets, then deal with the “thieves”

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Nyesom Wike ( the Governor of Rivers state) said he is fighting corruption. He has set up a judicial commission to fight his former bosom friend  Rotimi Amechi(the former governor). However, Wike would not declare his assets publicly. He said he wouldn’t do that. A man who wants to fight corruption doesn’t want us to know what he has presently. He doesn’t want us to analyse, scrutinise and Ofcourse criticise his declared assets. Yet he tells us he wants to fight corruption.  This is definitely new in strategy. Na lie o!! We nor go gree!! Wetin dey ya account Oga Governor?
Someone should advice Wike that fighting people who stole demands honesty. You cannot stand on the sandy beach while trying to carry a very heavy weight. You must stand on solid ground if you must fight a “goliathe”. You can’t be shouting about fighting corruption when you are refusing to be checked out on same corruption issue. Declaring your assets publicly would show people your intentions in clear manner. You cannot be dancing in the hot sun while wearing the sweater of an  Eskimo in the artic. If you want to cry, let us see you crying not laughing heartily. you must let us know where you are going.
I can play some guess as to the reason Wike would not want to go that lane. Sometime in late 2008, about 5 billion naira passed through Wike’s account in Zenith bank trans Amadi.  This prompted an EFCC arrest. The case went to court and Wike was able to get off the hook in the appeal court . Of course it happened when the going was good between Wike and Amechi then. At that time Wike was Amechi’s chief of staff.  He was Amaehi’s paddy paddy then. Amaechi was able to use the enormous government power of manipulation to twist the case. And in the normal EFCC’s manner of deliberate obfuscations and self imposed confusion, the case just got embedded in the appeal court’s dust bin. Did EFCC appeal? For wia!! Just like Odili’s case,  the issue just entered museum. The moni na Rivers people moni so e nor mata whether dem chop am or swallow am.  However the game don change now and they(Amechi and Wike) are  sworn enemies. So wich kind Asset Wike go declare? Where he wan start from? I nor talk anytin o!!!
I know the only serious positions he has held after leaving the chairmanship of Obio Akpor local government seat was the chief of staff of Amechi and Jonathan’s Junior Minister of education. We have a fair idea of the salaries in all these instances. We are also aware that he’s not on any pension from any organisation. Wike cannot declare his assets and we can guess why? Wike knows what everyone knows. I pray he proves us wrong by declaring his assets and put the devil(s) to shame.
Coming to equity with your hands deep inside your pocket is not the way to to go. If Wike cannot publicly declare his assets, on what justification is he calling someone else a thief? Wike should stop this comedy and “behave”. Declare your asset and deal with the people who stole Rivers’ money. That’s the way to go Governor.
Meanwhile, I hail my Governor o!! He is our man any day, anytime. Twale sir as I am standing up and still loading….Ewolewoo!!

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