Nyesom Wike: Wahala dey o!!!

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Wike is shouting. Wike is crying. Wike is wondering aloud. Wike is scowling. Wike is making so much noise as we speak. I am sure that if you get close to wike’s wife you would hear how “sleep has been murdered” in their home. I am sure the atmosphere at the government house has changed. The situation has become somehow tight as no one understands the kind of deadly wind that has been unleashed on them.  No one even understands whether it’s a tornado, hurricane( or a typhoon as the Asians would call it). It could even be more than a category 5 type of hurricane it could be category 7!! (pardon me o!!).  Nor be small tin o!!


The court cases have been coming in fast and furious manners. He was initially sacked by the Rivers state election tribunal. Then the case he hoped on heavily  in the supreme court was just thrown at his face. The case was just casually dismissed.  Wike has been devastated. He has been shouting “blue murder”. The world that was hitherto at his beck  and call has turned against him. Everything has turned upside down. He has found out the first cardinal principle of being the governor of rivers state. He has found out that to be a successful governor of Rivers state, you must align with the Federal government. You must be on the same page with the center. Odili can confirm this, Ameachi can validate it. Winning elections in Rivers is beyond one man one vote, forget the moralists.  Wike knows better than to deny this fact.


Wike as the a former minister of state was more powerful than the former governor Ameachi in Rivers state. Reason: He knew amaechi was not in tandem with the centre so he used it to his advantage. Let me give you a vivid example; Amaechi closed the Portharcourt stadium to prevent the PDP campaign team from using that venue. Ofcourse that was wrong, I  totally agee,  but he was the Governor and it was within his powers!!. Wike went  there and opened the stadium. Wike overruled a sitting governor in his state.!! What could Amaechi  do? Nothing!! He was just a Governor and that was where it ended. Anytime Wike was in town then, the commissioner of Police was at alert. He (the C.O.P) accorded Wike the due respect that should have gone to the governor.  Wike was the man I tell you. When the elections were to be held, Wike was instrumental to the replacement of the initial C.O.P and the banishment of one particular A.I.G from coming to town.  He was that powerful as a minister of state.  He can tell you better how that happened.


Wike has suddenly found himself in  an unfamiliar territory. The people he was used to  have been changed. He now has new set of people to deal with. Just like we said the other day, this set of people are speaking “Russians” while wike is not into that language. Suddenly, I hear wike’s people talking about  “free and fair” elections in Rivers as a demand for the re-run. I believe I didn’t hear them very well. They know better than their demands about the nature of elections in that state. It is just unfortunate that Wike is not in tandem with Aso rock. This is not something he is used to. It is a strange world for him. Wahala dey o!!

Someone should tell my able Governor not to cry anymore. He has to start visiting many prayer houses in town o!!  They are so many in Portharcourt and the entire river state. He has given many of them money and this is the time for them to make their prayers count. He has no other choice than to act.


For now, he needs 30 days prayer and fasting for supplication to the almighty. At least whenever his adversaries see him after the fasting period with a shrunk belly   they could have mercy.  The “vultures” are really circling over him, so he needs the most high in this instance because wahala dey.


Try o my Governor!! O di kwa egwu o……Ewolewooo!!!

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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