official corruption: We need God’s deliverance

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As we speak, EFCC is looking for one man; he is Olufemi Thomas. This gentleman is the former director of National health insurance scheme. Wetin happen? One Ibitoye Bamidele( a bureau de-change operator) was caught carrying US$2.1 million in hard cash to Abuja from Lagos. E nor gree settle, so dem catch am. When he was squeezed, he said: nor be me o!! The real owner is Olufemi Thomas.


Olufemi Thomas should have asked Dasuki about how to ferry millions of dollars within Nigeria without any qualms whatsoever. We all can still follow how 9,3million dollars was flown in a private jet to South Africa. When the south Africans couldn’t understand the grammar, they blew the matter out into the open. Maybe he was not ready to pay “consultation fees” to Dasuki. Well as it is now, he has to answer his papa’s name.


The matter is simple: Nigeria is the only country where the richest people are government officials and their cronies. Take a trip to Abuja or lagos and you would marvel at lots of things. 90% of the palatial buildings you’ve got are not owned by businessmen. They are owned by government officials (it doesn’t matter whether they are current or former officials) and people closely linked to them. In other countries, you would point at businessmen as the richest but in Nigeria the reverse is the case.


I can assure you that the salary per month of the alleged owner of this money may not be up to #1million/month (excluding other emoluments)as the director of the NHIS. Yet he is alleged to have an extra US$ 2.1 million to launder out of Lagos. Do you still need anyone to explain some challenges being faced with the NHIS?


The problem is just the official corruption. A director is thinking of nothing other than being the sole beneficiary of the budgeted sum allocated to his parastatal or agency. The minister is looking at the budgeted sum to his ministry as just his to dispense as he likes. The Governor is reading a state budget that he believes should be 80% his. The defence chiefs are looking at the budgeted money to the defence as theirs to keep as much as they can. It is a cankerworm I tell you.


The solution is simple: Whoever is caught on money issues should first be told to tell us whether he is guilty or not. Let the person prove that his being a billionaire when he was in government was not due to his dexterity in hiding meat in his mouth and pretended he was just rinsing his mouth with water. If a director could just be “ flipping” with that kind of money, then your imaginations should just wonder like mine.


Meanwhile, Oga Olufemi Thomas, I say Twale!! I have now become your main man who believes you are just being ‘persecuted for nothing’. Wetin you do sef?? …Jealousy wan kill dem!! I nor say naadaa!!! Ewolewoo!!!

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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