Olisa Metuh: He that comes for equity……

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“He that comes to equity must come with clean hands”; we learnt this during the days of engineering law back then in school. This is a cornerstone of human right philosophy and also business law. Another street word  that could compare to this logic is this: “ you can’t throw stone when you are inside a glass house’’. Olisah metuh is beginning to find out the full meaning of these statements. Femi Fani-kayode now understands the logic. Wahala dey..


Somebody somewhere should ask the former PDP chairman Chief Ogbulafor what happened to him when he was trying to be “politically correct” during Yaradua issues.  Ogbulafor wouldn’t  be ready to say the meaning of “Goodluck” is really Goodluck I can tell you. Jonathan taught him the meaning of making sure you are clean before complaining about dirt. He is now in his house giving stories to his children about how dangerous the political terrain can be.  Olisah Metuh has some explanations to make and I am sure he is doing so.


Some people need to understand that power has changed. The people in power are no friends of the people they chased away from power. It is not the duty of your enemy to portray you as a “prayerful person”. It is not the duty of your enemy to pander to your happiness. It is not the duty of your sworn enemy to show how humane you can be. Your enemy would come and open the can of worms that you would rather prefer buried.


Whatever gave Olisah Metuh the mindset that having 400 million naira of government money paid into his personal/private firm account could be accepted by his “enemy “ still baffles me. Why Femi fani-kayode believes that the hundreds of millions paid into his personal account could not be investigated by his “enemy” is still funny to me.  This is your enemy and you are definitely not interested in anything good about him. He should definitely feel same in your instance.


The question is this: Did you have anything inappropriate to do with government funds?  It is not enough to shout political persecution. It is not enough  to scream witch hunt. You just need to prove that you never collected any money. No one would dash you  400 million naira of his personal money just like that. We can guess where that kind of money comes from.  No one would throw over a billion naira of money into your account out of the blues.   When you have an enemy of yours in power, you should expect that real explanations shall be demanded. Complaining about it, would cut no ice. You must talk and talk well. This would not end…


Come to think of it: Nigeria get moni o!! All these went on and Nigeria still stood? This is the 8th wonder of the world. Where is Guinness book of record? They should come and record us I tell you. How many countries can stand it? It is only Nigeria. If you think otherwise please provide another country for me….ewolewooo!!!

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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