Olisah metuh; One of the “sharp guys” who understand “Nigerian brand of rule of law”

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Why would Metuh want to return the money? Why would Dasuki be interested in returning substantial part of the money? Why would Dokpesi  listen to any idea to return 2.1 billion naira that was “’essentially a part of a lot” to him? Why would others want to return any money? The answer is simple; it doesn’t make any arithmetical or business  sense at all.


Now let me use  metuh’s  case as a case study. Metuh is presently accused of collecting 400 million naira from the system. Metuh has not denied the fact that he collected the money in his personal capacity. Metuh and everyone know that to collect money from the system, there must be procedures to be followed. He is not even arguing that point with anyone. EFCC wants Metuh to return the money and go home but Metuh has refused to do so and I don’t blame him.


Metuh wants to be taken to court. He knows the system well enough. He knows the judges very well. He has the superb knowledge of our judiciary. He knows he needs like 5 million naira to hire a SAN to get a bail from the judges. The worst, the judge would do is to grant him 50 million naira bail bond and give a 2 month adjournment in the first instance. Within the adjourned date, he would have muddied the waters enough to make the case “ a neglected political case”. That would be the end of story while keeping his loot.


The EFCC guys are aware of this. The politicians know these stuffs. Steal enough and pressurise the EFCC to arraign you in court where you are most certainly going to meet an accommodating judge. If your case is high profile enough then good for you. You can claim witch-hunt or political persecution once things are not going your ways. You just need to “poison” the whole atmosphere and, bingo, the money is yours as a “sharp guy”.


“The rule of law” in corruption cases can only be effective when the people who are supposed to be the bastion of “the of law” start showing and displaying rage to corruption. “The rule of law” in corruption cases would only make sense to the system when the judges start looking at a corrupt Politian as a “mass murderere”.  The rule of law would only prevent street anarchy when a corrupt politician believes that it is better to “cooperate” than going to court in cases of embezzlement.


The rule of law is essentially dead when a mindlessly corrupt politician believes it is better to go to court, even after being caught, than relinquishing the money. With the way our judiciary is handling the issue of these corrupt goons, it is really ‘smart’ to be a government robber than otherwise.

If you are looking for one of the major things that kills the entrepreneuship spirits of Nigerians, this scenario is a major contributor. Why would I want to work hard when I see all these stuffs? It doesn’t make sense at all. This is really messing up the system.


Since the rule of law is like this, I wish I was given 500million naira by Dasuki then I would insist on being taken to court too. No matter what the EFCC does, I would release naadaa.. I know I have many “activists” that would fight for me. At the end of the day, I would keep substantial part of the money.  No one is a fool here oo!! Ewolewooo!!






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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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