Omokore and Yakubu’s trial: Let’s call a thief the actual name called “thief”

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Finally, someone in the NNPC would face trial. The former GMD of NNPC, Andrew Yakubu will face trial for money laundering. He will face the trial with Jide Omokore, the MD of atlantic Energy ltd and others. They will face trial because they brought N10 to the table and took billions home.  These are the people who would definitely go to church with different mind-sets other than me and you.


If you have been an avid reader of this blog, you would not be surprised as we normally name NNPC as a vehicle in the money laundering process. With NNPC everything, and indeed anything, is possible in the way the Nigeria oil is sold or exported. NNPC turned itself into an alternate state and behaved as if Nigeria doesn’t matter.


What happened was this: Jide Omokore formed a company, like every other person with the CAC, called Atlantic energy ltd. Pronto, with heavy connections to her Majesty Deziani, he paid pittance money like 5 million dollars and started lifting multimillion dollar oil from Nigeria. A company he formed with nothing became a multi-billion dollar company overnight doing oil deals. How else could someone be lucky?  He lifted Nigeria oil with nothing serious as deposit yet made so much. This is the story of how Nigeria sells her crude. So when next you hear of the crude sales, be sure to differentiate the” earmarked”, “here-marked” and the “hear-marked”. The difference would help your better understanding of the complicated process.


You can now see why it has been difficult for Government to make money on oil sales. Omokore didn’t do this alone, He did it with the connivance of the NNPC top brass. You must have NNPC input into the scheme for it to work. Did Onokore have it?I believe he did. This is where Andrew Yakubu came in. Yakubu aided and abetted Omokore in this scheme and he made more money than he would ever make in his seat ten times over.


If you know the oil industry well enough, you would understand how difficult it is to get a contract. For you to get any serious contract there would be some form of due-process procedures that you have to undergo to get pre-qualified.  Omokore’s  Atlantic energy never did anything close to that. He just qualified!! Infact he was so qualified that the exploration arm of NNPC  which is NPDC signed a strategic alliance partnership with him to lift NPDC’s oil. Did Omokore’s Atlantic energy settle Nigeria on the lifted oil from NPDC? Naaah!! It sold the crude oil and the money disappeared into some people’s pocket. 


We have a situation in the country where people who call themselves billionaire businessmen always come with oranges but present receipt vouchers for gold. The funny thing is this; they are paid for Gold!!  After that they become champions over everyone. Do you actually blame them? I wouldn’t. Unfortunately for us all, the problem has blown at us in seismic proportions. We are in deep hole because of years of apparent theft.


I hope that this trial of Omokore and the former GMD of the NNPC can be made expeditious. I hope they can be tried swiftly. I pray that our judiciary will “disappoint “ us all for once. Let us know and believe that we have a country where people should believe that hard work pays.

If we allow Omokore and Yakubu in their strides, hard work would just be for the fools. For now let’s hope that rich rogues don’t go scot free…Ewolewoo!!

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