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    Anthony Joshua: When you underrate….

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    Warning!! This is not a boxing analysis..Hahaha Anthony Joshua was beaten black and blue the other day by who? A pot belly, unassuming, far shorter guy. A guy with no visible muscle or 6-packs as people would say. The guy had nothing to move the needle. But e beat am!! He(Anthony Joshua) came into the…

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    forget it. lots are crazy!!

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    Some people dey craze. When I mean craze I mean real one but you wouldn’t know. Some look so normal. They speak normal. They act normal. However they’re crazier than the mad man who has already stripped himself naked.That is the reality of our times. We know this but we’re not ready to acknowledge it….

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    When 500 billion Naira turned to butterfly.

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    This is just the story of a certain CBN Governor called Godwin Emefiele. He played a game of “Yahoo Yahoo” and he was caught. Dem catch am korokoro. . It’s either he’s the maga or he made himself tuned maga. The CBN Governor,on his own, decided to go into CBN purse..Picked 500 billion(about US$ 1.4…

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    Thinking out of the box

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    Some people thought out of the box and we realized that the ‘world’ as we know it, is called an earth and it’s just a part of the planet. There are many other ‘worlds’ in the planet system. It took some to think outside the box to understand that we can fly very big mass…

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    Nigeria:Where thieves are expected to rule well

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    .. There is a new senator coming out of Abia state. He is just elected.. You know him very well. However, he’s been in court for stealing the state blind when he was the Governor between 1999-2007. At the last count we’re talking about 7 billion Naira..Yet he’s expected to be a saint by his…

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    kidnappers: Are they in charge?

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    We are in perilous times as we speak. The times have changed and have pivoted in the southern direction. Kidnappers have taken over reigns of power I can tell you. It seems everyone is powerless in this menace. Funny enough the kidnappers now understand what everyone knows. They now understand that money resides with Goverment…

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    Yahoo Yahoo…The “unfortunate” business of our time..

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    The city of Abeokuta is buzzing. The Great city of Ibadan is grazing.The Ohamba town of Owerri is on the roll. Ilorin, the city of the Yoruba + caliphate combo is howling..Osogbo town is experiencing the Malaysian influence of our boyz..Boys in Enugu are on champagne halas because they gat to enjoy. How about my…

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    Dangote: Is he really the richest Nigerian?

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    When asked in conventional sense who the richest Nigerian is, the name Aliko Dangote just props up. If you asked me I’d say so too in the real sense of the information made available to us. However, if you really want to ask me who the richest Nigerian is, my real answer is this: I…

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    AUTOMATION: We are in trouble!!

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    What is really going on my people? I bet lots of people don’t know. Many people are still wondering where the gist is. I tell you in 10 years time many people will be totally out of jobs and it won’t be funny. As it is now, infact as am speaking to you right now,…

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    Is Atiku a Nigerian by birth?? Wahala dey oo!!

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    Atiku is a Nigerian. That’s an indisputable fact!! The question is this: Is he a Nigerian by birth? That needs direct answer.  The court needs to answer this and do it very fast. The confusion has even gotten to Atiku to the extent that Atiku is now claiming Jigawa and Sokoto. Whaataagwam?? No more Adamawa…

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    Dino Melaye: A lesson in Hypocrisy

    Dino Melaye, a senator of the Federal republic, is a “sharp guy”. I saw him as part of the entourage of Toyin Saraki(senate president’s wife) and I was stunned. I wasn’t sure if I saw double or triple pictures registering in my brain. I was really shocked I tell you.. Was this not the same…

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    Challenges everywhere: It’s our calling…

      There are challenges left, right and centre.And you know what? There will always be. You cannot pray challenges out of your life. That is life. Some people that you know and close to will move up more than you, liking it or not is immaterial. Likewise you will move more than some people you…

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    House of commotion, senate of confusion

    There are crises in the national assembly. The crises, I suspect, would not abate soon because the complications are mounting daily. You have a Senate President(APC), but was ‘elected’ by the opposition party PDP. He was elected by 57 senators, 49 were PDP while 8 were APC members. Don’t ask me what happened to the…

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    People: Why look for trouble?

    Let’s talk!! Why do we look for trouble? You left your village for Lagos or Abuja to hustle. Instead of telling your people that you are still ‘managing’ o, you gave an impression that Lagos is superb. Now everyone wants you to ‘perform’ but you are nowhere to be found. You left Nigeria to the…

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    Marriage: It’s cool, it’s complex…

    You were called to come and adjudicate between a couple. You quickly jumped into the fray to offer your judgment. Haaa!! Na wahala you dey look for oo!! Marriage is a very complex affair where the definition of right and wrong is not universal. It is peculiar to the people involved because people marry for…

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    He/She must be from my village…

      Let me give you a personal gist, a little story sort of, I used to have an individual from my village who rose so high that he almost became the customs Comptroller General. Infact he rose to the acting position for some months. Did it impact on my people? I doubt it. Apart from being very rich…

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    Donald trump: A lesson in self believe

    Donald trump is a self-made multi Billionaire and he is running for the Presidency of the United States of America. He is attacking Obama. He is attacking Hilary. He is attacking Jeff Bush. He is just attacking…Once you attack him he comes back at you and he doesn’t give a damn. He made his money…

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