I pity Buhari…

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I really pity Buhari. I pity him seriously. He is in charge of a country with fast dwindling revenues but with massive expectations. I watched him as he was addressing  his ministerial designates. He was practically begging them not to expect much from being ministers. That must be a tough call I tell you. They are quite aware that the immediate past ministers are living large, so it’s difficult for them to tell their people that there is “nothing” in there. That would be hard o!!

I even suspect that if he had his ways, he would just nominate like 10 ministers and merge ministries because “moni nor dey”.


I know the feeling whenever I don’t have money but no one believes me. You can imagine your reaction when you are requested to be the chairman of a marriage ceremony based on your past “glory”. Just imagine your reaction whenever you are required to come and buy a car befitting your “supposed status” yet you know that the status is no longer the way it was. The problem is more complicated if people are still with the mindset of the old order of opulence that was once your lot.


The more the crude oil price remains at the level it is of below $45/barrel the more the complications that Buhari would continue facing. We are living in a country where we have seen “good things”. We are living in a country where the alpha and omega of any large business(es ) depend on the ability  of the promoters to be close to government. We are in a Nigeria-world where big business dealings are essentially for and with government. It is  difficult to understand  when Government starts saying that there’s no money. Not so many people are ready to listen to such grammar. In Nigeria, it is government all the way..


He needs to continue the projects that were signed when oil price was selling above $100 dollars per barrel. Mind you, those projects were not even completely executed at that time as  corruption was too embedded. However, he has to complete these projects without any “stories”.  Lagos- Ibadan expressway project is  one of such. The project has been developing K-leg  ever since it was flagged off. Mind you, it was flagged off when our revenue stream was still buoyant. Your guess is as good as mine as regards what would happen to that project now that we have low revenue. How about East-west road? This is supposed to be the superhighway stretching from Warri all the way to Eket. It has been awarded, re-awarded, amended, re-amended, etc , when Nigeria was smiling to the banks.  It was never completed then. How they would do it now that the revenue is down is still a mystery for me I won’t lie.


It’s like building a massive house when you were earning multi-million naira as income, how to complete the same house when the income massively reduces (out of the blues) would be interesting.  I have not forgotten the 2nd Niger bridge also in this context, it is not going to be funny I tell you. I really pity Buhari o!!


I know from personal experience how I act whenever I am broke that Nigeria is not in the best of terms as it regards revenue. However, Buhari is sermonizing to people who do not believe that we don’t have money anymore. He is meeting many Nigerians who expect him to perform magic. He is in charge of a system that needs him to bring out water from stones. I pity him because excuses, no matter how genuine, would never pacify them.  It is sad but true…Ewolewooo!!!

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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