President Jonathan: I never realised your birthday just passed…

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How many people realized that Former President Goodluck Jonathan celebrated his 58th  birthday last week, precisely on Nov 20? How many people(when I mean people, I know you understand better) bought advert pages in the newspapers to wish him happy birthday? How many people went to wherever he was to wish him goodluck on his birthday? How many people wished his wife some good tidings on her husband’s birthday?  I only heard just “hush-hush” greetings on the sidelines on that day.  Nothing on the second and third day..


He is no more the President and all the businessmen who were always flocking to him have disappeared. Where were the Otedolas that he protected to the high heavens? Aliko Dangote has “traffic-gated”  to the “new happening zone”. How about the people that said he must be re-elected as President or else…? Everyone that benefitted from his office has moved on.  Some have even denied him publicly.The same people who were donating every conceivable gifts during his daughter’s wedding have become “Ghosts”.  This is the situation as we speak.


The other day Dasuki was being grilled about US$2.9 billion that missed out of the blues. The man didn’t even try to defend his former Boss. Dasuki in his “rebuttal” of the accusation did not bother to deny the content of the accusation as it regarded the money. Dasuki  just told all of us that all the contracts were signed by the Former President. He didn’t defend Jonathan. He only referred us to Jonathan. He has abandoned the man that brought him out of  ‘the cave’ and told him(GEJ) to defend himself. Jonathan understood this and shouted that he never even signed any contract. Dasuki never said so. He only directed the gun’s nozzle to Jonathan. How are the mighty being dumped…


When you hear from Deziani, it is the same thing like Dasuki. Deziani has never, since Jonathan left office, come out with policy statement backing the person or character of the man who gave her a juicy ministry to run for 5 years.  She only spoke for herself and herself alone.She hasn’t come out with any statement to defend the person of the man who ensured her being minister during Yaradua’s regime.  There was this professor that Yaradua disgraced for trying not to remit the unspent money from her ministry.  The individual was Professor Grange, the then minister of health during Yaradua’s regime, who was accused of pocketing hundreds of millions of unremitted ministry funds. Yaradua sacked her and was about doing same to Deziani. However, Jonathan saved her from the wahala. For now Jonathan is on his own…. Chai!!


Jonathan would  now understand the meaning of being on your own. He would now understand what he never understood when he started hi sojourn as a deputy governor in 1999. From 1999, it has been smooth sailing for him. He was a Deputy governor, then a Governor, a vice President, acting president and President. In those 16 years, he would have people who loved his positions(not necessarily him) as his close friends. He would have people who would have elevated his ego to high heavens as his buddies. They would just tell him what he wanted to hear after analysing his thoughts. He would have been in Eldorado during that time. Now that he is out, it wouldn’t be funny o!!

His birthday was low-key.  His name is fast disappearing from his so-called supporters mind-sets. He is fast becoming a distant quantity. The page has turned to the next:  Jonathan has become an unrecognisable alien from a different planet. Life is just unfair!!


In Politics, your position defines power. The power gives you the good things of life. The good things of life attract all shades of friends. Once you lose the position, you name becomes “Ï-stand-with-God-alone”.  With that name, your birthday celebrations would go like Jonathan’s on November 20th

Happy birthday my dear President.  It is not too late to wish you Sir. Nor mind dem…Ewolewoo!!

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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