Presidential Candidate Saraki on the prowl…

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Saraki is playing Presidential politics. He’s using all the tricks in the “holy books of asymmetric politics” to make himself the character to be loved, pitied or both. Is he winning? I have to lie to myself to deny this. He’s surely trending and in Presidential politics this is what you need. You just have to trend and Saraki is the mafia in this game.

I wonder what Atiku, Tambuwal, kwakwanso and other PDP presidential aspirants are thinking. If any of them thinks the kind of games Saraki is presently playing is for Senate alone,then, such person should stop thinking about contesting. The way it is, and at the rate this is going, they have to look at Saraki as the main opponent in there PDP presidential arrangements. He’s presently turning them into “onlookers”. They’re presently lost in Saraki’s self created desert.

If Saraki is able to get Wike to his side(which I doubt) he will be the PDP candidate by a mile. I am not able to dismiss a guy who played tricks, out of nowhere, and pushed his own father aside. It will be foolhardy for me to jettison, as a nobody, a guy who chopped and ran down a bank yet became Senate President. He still remained as Senate President despite being docked for Fraud. Try am na and see if your people never sack you..

I will be a fool to discard somebody who has been able to make EFCC crawl. It will be a travesty to push away a guy who has turned a whole senate chamber into his own image. No Senate President has ever done that. His word is law and his Person is total in that chamber.I lie?

Saraki has so penetrated the inner circles of executive and judicial agencies that it’s so difficult to go against him without drama.

The truth about this is simple, I’m not ready to bet again a PDP candidate Saraki against Buhari. In as much as I wouldn’t choose Saraki, I know his pedigree would make him a candidate to beat. If Buhari continues his apparent inaction and his confusing signals, then, he’s got a hot contest in his hand..

I hail o! Ewolewoo!!

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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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