Raymond Dokpesi: Man wey sabi!!

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Raymond Dokpesi is a typical Nigerian business show-man.  He set up Ray power around 1994. It was a radio station that was really loved then. He followed it up by setting up a TV station  called AIT.  He was called many sweet names then. However, what everyone didn’t know was that Dokpesi “don see far”. He knew he could use the media organisations for his agenda.


He borrowed money everywhere to support his organization. If he had really used the money borrowed for the benefit of his media organisation , I believe the 2 networks(AIT and Raypower) would be contesting as one of the most watched and listened to media in Nigeria and around the world. He collected the money and left the media organisations to fend for themselves. Workers must chop, and in the absence of salaries, they had to do their “internal deals”. You go blame dem?


With more money in his pocket, the man’s well known interest in women ballooned. Chasing women comes with its own cost which can be monumental in proportion to your taste of women. He obviously has big tastes, and he spent big for them. The repercussion wasn’t far-fetched.   He couldn’t pay the debt he owed the consortium of banks which resulted in his media company being placed on receivership by  Babbinton ashaye. The man had to run to Abacha and Babangida who bailed him out. Nor be today o!!

When OBJ was  very “stubborn “, he(Dokpesi) made sure he(OBJ) was disturbed in no small measure. He then “flirtered” with Peter Odili. His closeness to Odili really paid him big time. However OBJ rocked that boat by “dealing” with Odili. OBJ blocked Odili from becoming the President and that didn’t work out for him(Dokpesi).


After surviving that scare and with his gluttonous mindset  on good things of life, he set out for the bigger pie. He claimed he needed to expand AIT and Ray power so he used his government connections to  collect billions of Naira in the late 2000s. If the money was actually used for the AIT and Raypower projects it would have been fine o!! The money largely disappeared the way it came.  Pay back now? For wia!! He couldn’t and the bank came calling. He ran to Jonathan who, as usual, watered the ground for him. The story of 7 billion naira he owed in 2012 just disappeared from radar. Smart man..

His association with Jonathan fetched him far more as we can now observe from his(Dokpesi) statement. He was able to collect 2.1 billion naira as payment for campaign publicity, not from the PDP but, from the National security adviser. This man is wonderful.  He collected the money and AIT “really performed” during the election period. Who wouldn’t with that kind of money?

Dokpesi  is a “sharp man”. He belongs to the category of Nigerians wey sabi. Bros, I hail o!! Ewolewoo!!



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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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