Reuben Abati Lamentations: Learning to be “ëx this, ex that..

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Reuben Abati has learnt a very interesting side of life. You are as important as your present position. Once there’s a change in the parameters that define our position, you have to accept the challenges, insults or accolades that come with the present realities.

In Nigeria, Government institution is the next thing to God institutions. Once you are in power, you can dictate people’s life. Once you are in power in Nigeria, you can work on destinies. In fact you can reshape it. The person in power in a country like ours becomes the lord in his own right. Reuben understood this fact and he joined the man in power. Did he enjoy the opulence that this brought? O yes, he did. He enjoyed all the trappings of power to the fullest extent.

He got shocked the way Nigerians did a 180 degrees turnaround on hearing that his boss had lost the Presidential election. He must have wondered the way people like Dangote jumped ship. He would have been dumbfounded the way someone like Otedola stopped knowing the road to Aso rock despite his Oga being around. He must have really been astounded the way AIT changed the editorial or reporting lines once it became clear that his man had lost. He would have wondered what happened to Thisday newspapers the morning after as Jonathan got far less reportage than he was used to. He must have been really troubled….

He should have asked Olusegun Adeniyi of his experience when Yaradua died. He should have asked him for counselling as it is not easy. Reuben Abati is now learning how to go to the Guardian Reutam house at Ilasa, Lagos. Would he still be used to it? I very much doubt it I tell you. This is a very interesting story…

Do you blame Reuben? Naahhh!! This is the major problem when being in Government is the be-all end-all scenario. Once you are out, it becomes so difficult to fit into anything outside because nothing is comparable to it. This has always been the reason that makes a lot to believe that being in Government is the in-thing to becoming the “big man” that they want to be. They are sadly right I must confess. Do you still wonder why we can never get it right with our account balances? Do you still wonder why money would always be an issue in governance? Reuben Abati’s lamentation should be a pointer I tell you.

Sorry Reuben, at least you’ve got your wife to sleep with now without all those continuous calls. However, in you, I recognise the further defect in our entrepreneurship spirit. Na government, government and government, …Odi kwa egwu oooo!!!

I nor talk naadaa!! Still remain your very quiet fellow Ewolewooo!!!!

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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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