Sarak vs CCB (3): It’s to your tent…

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Saraki, finally decided to honour a court summon after running helter scatter to avoid going to court. This is very funny. This man transversed the Appeal court and the federal high court within a space of 3 days just because he doesn’t want to explain in plain Language how he got assets that he never declared. He ran from pillar to post to dodge any explanation about how he became a billionaire out of politics. To make matters worse, the gentle man is our Senate President. This is the story of our nation…


This hasn’t ended because I know a person like him. He is going to come out of the tribunal today fighting like a “bulldog” I can assure you. He is going to do everything possible to avoid the specific allegations against him and come out with “issues” to pollute and muddle up the polity. I wouldn’t be surprised if Saraki, after this ordeal, generate a “Probe” into CCB and CCT. He could tell the chairman to come to the senate and explain how the cases in the CCT has been handled from 1999-2015. He could come out with anything to cause maximum distraction. When a man who’s accused of corruption start setting up probes, you all know what he wants..


This man is determined to do everything not to be held accountable to his misdeeds. Does he have supporters? Yes, especially the ones who believe that he is not the only “thief”. In their own warped opinion any suspected thief that is caught should be left alone because “others” are still free. This is a very fantastic argument. The idea of a senate President being found wanting in an integrity issue doesn’t matter to them. He should just be let off…….Just because none of their personal money is involved. This is politics made in Nigeria.


Saraki would orchestrate a blackmail after this I know. He would try to make things more complicated I understand. He would do everything in his power to make everyone believe that the trial is nothing but a “witch hunt” I can guess. However, he should be told in plain language to “answer is papa name” and carry his cross. We should encourage the courts when they bring suspected looters to justice. We should not allow these people to confuse us by using our money for bribery and manipulation of the system. When you catch a terrorist, it is one plugged out. You don’t say let’s leave him because some other terrorists have been attacking unhindered.


Once you are in politics try to be clean. Once you get into an elective office, be sure the skeletons in your cupboard have been so eternally padlocked that no one would get access to it. Once you get into a political office, put it in your mind that what you are hiding under your pillow must not be let out. You will have enemies who would do everything to “fish” stuffs out from your closet. If they get it, please do not use their being your enemies as excuse as you have been “decoded”. The system would only see the crime that has been committed and not who brought it.

Saraki obviously has something up his sleeve. We would see it after today…For now, it is to your tent……Ewolewoo!!

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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