Saraki: Abracadabra continues…..

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The supreme court of Nigeria, this morning, succeeded in delaying the trial of Saraki. Reason: He is Saraki!! I wonder if the court would even listen to any other case in the lower court that is undergoing trial. The court even promised “expeditious trial” of a case that should take less than a week at the CCT.

If you want to dig about our judiciary, just go to UK today and ask for inmate James Onanefe Ibori. He is there on the basis of miscalculations. This man was let off by the supreme court of Nigeria that ruled that the James Onanefe Ibori that stole in Abuja some years earlier could not be conclusively proved that it is the same James Onanefe Ibori that was then ruling Delta state.  He was subsequently left off the hook. He was let loose on the people of delta state. The Judiciary refused to protect the people of delta state from a proven common thief. Ofcourse he just did what he knows how to do best, which is stealing!!  He stole the state out of reckoning. He is serving his sentence in the UK because our judiciary couldn’t   “perform” as usual.


His friend Saraki is now on the hot seat. As suspected by our various posts, he has been running around and doing what he knows how to do best. He doesn’t want to go for the trial and it seems, from the look of things, that he has people in the judiciary who are in tandem with him on that basis. He doesn’t want to tell us how he made his money and he has people in the judiciary who are ready to back him. Why would the Supreme Court halt or delay a corruption case? Why?  Supreme court should not even dabble into a corruption case that is being tried in a lower court. Let’s now say that the Supreme Court annulled a case that is about to start, what is the court telling everyone? This is the story of Nigeria…


I still don’t get it; you cannot defend how you got your money?   Saraki has now been given more room to manoeuvre. He has time for maximum distractions . He has more time to harass people as we speak. He has more time to bring issues for his “supporters” to come out with. He would be setting up committees upon committees to “fish for perceived corruption” so as to confuse everyone.  The meaning of Nigerian senate is now “Saraki”. This is really sad. With the way he went after Lamorde, I would be surprised if the Judges of the CCT(who are trying him) are still there whenever the Supreme Court is done with this rigmarole.


I have written  so much on this saraki story than to repeat it again. However,the Supreme court must allow saraki to be tried in CCT. The court cannot reduce itself to stopping trials of corruption. The Supreme Court must not and cannot be a court to give refuge to anyone suspected of stealing. This style of delaying trial  is sending a very wrong signal which the court cannot afford to get itself into.


Saraki would go for this trial. He would answer direct questions. All these attempts to throw mud at the CCB judges would not work. You must show us why your asset declaration forms differ from the actual reality of your assets. The Supreme Court cannot give him an opportunity to hide under the table. We are watching his games with the judiciary… Ewolewooo!!

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