Saraki vs CCB: Declare your assets publicly. It’s simple

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A couple of days ago, the CCB(code of conduct Bureau) filed charges of declaration of assets against the Senate President(Bukola Saraki). They said he “over-declared” in 2003 when he actually did not have the assets. Additionally, it was “revealed”’ that he was using Kwara state funds to do his “tins”. Is this news? Naaaa!! Most knew about his actions. The shame is that this individual is the Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. To make matters far worse, he is claiming that he is fighting corruption too.

Let us assume for argument sake that Senator Saraki didn’t put his hand in the cookery jar. Let us give him the Benefit of the doubt that his hands were and still clean as he claims in his rebuttal. I know for a fact that before 2003 senator Saraki was like the defacto M.D of the moribund Societie Generale  Bank that went under. The case of that Bank is another story on its own. It is a case of Man’s inhumanity to man I tell you. I also know for a fact that OBJ made him a special assistant(or was it adviser?) on something before he was let go. We all have a fair idea of the salaries inherent in these positions. Could Saraki, please, publish the declaration of assets form that he presented to the CCB in 2003 as the PDP Gubernatorial Candidate? This would be the first rebuttal from him..

Senator Saraki also contested in 2007 Gubernatorial election. We would like to know his asset declaration form of 2007 so we could compare to 2003. We can calculate the salaries and emoluments of a sitting Governor for 4 years. So we have a fair idea of what we are expecting. Let him publish the forms as declared to the CCB in 2007. This would help us to further understand his claims of political prosecution due to “external influence” as he’s claiming.

He contested as Senator in 2011 and 2015, so he needs to further publish his assets for us to confirm his claims. All of us have business-man calculators in our offices and homes. We also have calculators on our PCs and phones, so addition and subtraction would be very easy to do. We don’t need any lawyer to bamboozle us. Saraki only needs to make public his asset declaration forms to the CCB from 2003 till date to show “consistency and transparency”. We promise to help him to propagate his theory of “persecution” in this context. This is very simple. He shouldn’t hide behind “big grammar” to confuse anyone. It is straight forward.

Mind you I wouldn’t be surprised if CCB muddles things up o!! Just like the EFCC has always done. EFCC went for Saraki’s wife after claiming they had “hard evidence” against her. However, Bukola Saraki has been able to “scare” Lamorde away from his angle. Right now, Toyin Saraki’s case is gradually entering EFCC’s “cold case files”. EFCC nor get liver again.. If I know Saraki very well, he could set up a probe into CCB’s activities and scare them away from him. I know he has something off his sleeves. You would notice it in the coming days I can assure you.

Like we have always said, Saraki can go on with his Senate Probes. We have no problem with that. However, He cannot run away from that finger that also points at him. To start with we need Saraki to declare his assets publicly as declared in CBB’s forms of 2003,2007,20011 &2015. This would solve all the “conspiracy permutations”. He was and still in Public offices within those periods. He should put the “devils”to shame…. This is supposed to be straight forward if no-one is hiding anything…

Meanwhile, I hail my senate President. Twale to you sir. I still remain very loyal.. I nor say naadaa!! Ewolewoo!!

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