Saraki Vs CCB (2): kobo-kobo Judiciary

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James Ibori(the former Governor of Delta state) is a very Bosom Friend of Saraki. I could still recall what happened in 2007(or was it 2008?) when EFCC wanted to arrest Ibori, the first place he ran to for protection was the kwara state government lodge in Abuja where Saraki was holding forte. That is the system my people. Big man dey protect Big man on top ya moni.

Still on Ibori, After so much rigmarole and judicial abracadabra that necessitated an overnight creation of the Federal high court in Asaba just for Ibori’s trial. A justice of the high court, Marcel Awokunlehin discharged and aquited Ibori of 170 charges of brutal stealing and money laundering of the resources of delta state people. However, the same Ibori pleaded guilty to the same charges in a London court. His lawyer tried to use Awokunlehin’s judgement to claim double jeopardy but e nor work. Ibori was able to see the difference between a functioning judiciary and a kobo-kobo judiciary. He had no choice than to surrender. He couldn’t claim his own James Onanefe Ibori was different from the James Onanefe Ibori that the London people wanted. Nor be small tin o!!

Back to Saraki’s case, He refused to honour a valid order of appearance in a tribunal. He ran to a court in Abuja that gave him an “injunction” not to appear. I never hear ds kaind tin befor o!! A man is basically accused of stealing and he was told to appear in court and another court say make e nor go. I tire!! Mind you, Saraki as senate President hasn’t gotten any immunity from prosecution whatsoever. It is not his place to disobey a valid order because he feels the person who signed it ought not to have done so. This is ludicrous in the extreme. You can see the way Big men treat Nigeria’s courts. They decide when, where and how to respond to court summons in Nigeria.

Like we said in the earlier article  on similar matter, Saraki should be publishing his assets for everyone(including his supporters) to see and make as reference  since they are claiming “political persecution”. You know in Nigeria, claiming “political persecution” means that he wants everyone to leave him in peace without telling us that he acquired his billions transparently? Mbanu!! Anaeme otua..

If the President could declare his assets publicly for both his supporters and critics alike to analyse and criticize why is Saraki finding it so difficult to do the same?  How come the Judiciary has started giving orders to stop investigations and prosecutions of People who are accused of chopping money? This is the main issue of this corruption fight.  You’ve got a judiciary that gives succour to a suspected billionaire thief but deals mercilessly with a small time criminal.

Saraki cannot continue to hide behind a finger to escape talking about how his assets were acquired. His idea of trying to use technicalities to stop his arrangement in a court cannot fly. Why not go and release all the robbers and small time thieves in the prisons because many states do not have Attorney generals? All alleged rogues should be released because we don’t have an AG. Infact no one should be prosecuted because we don’t have an AG. I know he doesn’t want to talk but he would be forced to talk.

Something must cause or precipitate the capture of any alleged or elusive crime doer. It could be political, it could be relationship gone wrong, it could be business deal gone awry, it could be anything. People who love you don’t report you to the police. So if you committed a crime, claiming that  people who reported it are not your friends  makes no sense.  However, what is of essence to the system is that the “crime doer” is caught and brought to justice.

“Political persecution” cannot exonerate Saraki, he needs to answer the substance of the allegations at hand. The senate President should understand that this is an integrity issue. He owes his critics and supporters that fact. This would never go away…Ewolewooo!!

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