Saraki charged for forgery? ..But can the system hold him accountable?

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Yesterday news filtered out that Saraki would be charged for forgery. He would be charged alongside Ike Ekwerenmadu,his deputy, and others.


In Saraki’s desperation to become the Senate president, he was alleged to have edged on the doctoring of a critical part of the senate standing rule that mandated voting to be manual by all senators.  This made it mandatory  for all Senators to be present. However, Saraki outmanoeuvred them in his characteristic manner.  He became senate President by a new document (Senate standing rule 2015) that no one, except Saraki and his goons, produced. This is classical forgery in a street man’s sense. However, Saraki’s case is never normal…


I am sceptical about the extent of this case. I am not sure the system is strong enough to successfully prosecute someone with the kind of ability that Saraki has. He is a master in confusion when caught in a dead corner. He has the wherewithal to complicate a very simple issue. He has the resources, your resources mind you, to fight rough when he feels threatened. Whether the system can face him in this game of throes is not something I’m optimistic about.


We are all witnesses to his trial at the CCT. The case is supposed to be a slam dunk because there are verifiable properties that Saraki never declared in his asset declaration forms. The case in the CCT is an example of how Nigeria and Nigerians have been robbed blind by politicians. In a humble state like Kwara, the case of theft is even more pathetic. But what’s happening? Saraki has used his money to run rings around the Judiciary. A case that shouldn’t take up to 3 weeks to resolve is taking a year with no resolution in sight. He has confused, compounded, complicated and outrightly befuddled the tribunal to a point where the case may never be resolved. He’s still the Senate President of the Republic as we speak despite the serious allegations of theft.


He has mastered the act of dealing with the Judiciary. He has shown that when it concerns Nigeria judiciary he knows the spot(s) to touch and the song would change.  He is the only individual who has taken a corruption case that has not started to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court entertained the case despite a written rule/law that such a case ought not to be allowed. Despite Supreme Court Judgement on the case, Saraki has taken it back to the Appeal court. And do you know what? It’s being entertained at the Appeal court. This man surely knows his ways around the Judiciary I tell you.


Like I said earlier, I am not too optimistic in this case I must confess. I hope I can be proven wrong, but with Saraki, I can only hope.  That he’s still the senate President is one of the mysteries that I am yet to comprehend. I wonder how many people would remain in their jobs if they have court cases that bother on integrity allegations. However, Saraki has proven that he has the antidote.

For now, we can only watch and see how the Judiciary can withstand Saraki’s money.  Ewolewoo!!


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