Saraki: Why the crowds? Go and Prove your case in court

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Just like we suspected in our earlier write ups that Saraki would try to complicate a very simple matter. He is doing everything within his powers to do so. He has gotten 83 senators to pass a vote of confidence on him( I am surprised they are not more than 100). He has been able to rent crowds in Abuja to barricade the national assembly in his support. He has been running around and speaking around. However, he has blatantly refused to answer the burning questions: How come you bought assets in 2007 but you indicated the said assets in your 2003 asset declaration form? How did you get so much money in your accounts when they weren’t declared abinitio? There are more questions to be answered in this instance. But we are told to forget all these because it is “witch hunt”. Na wa o!!

Sepp Blatter was elected and stoutly supported my  vast majority of nations in the election of the FIFA President. He, like Saraki, has been claiming witch hunt. He has claimed “bad-belle” in his current travails like saraki. He has puffed and kicked all he could but none of his actions has stopped the current investigations and grilling he is presently undergoing. Once you have a case, you’ve got to deal with it. You cannot say the case of theft against you should take the back seat because the people pushing the “wahala” don’t like your face. This is getting rather funny.


Saraki can get all the people he wants to support him. He can go anywhere he wants to claim witch hunt. He can run “gbalagbala” in other to look for sympathy. Na im get his legs and mouth. However, he must answer the charges against him. He doesn’t only owe his “critics” his explanation, he also owes his supporters. I have taken time to listen to people who are supporting or sympathizing with Saraki on this issue, none of them is ready to look at the case against him. They couldn’t pick any of the charges and come out with “facts” to support him. They just shout witch hunt!! Or they dismiss it and say everyone is a thief so why single him out. The thief caught in my area yesterday should have been released because the Lekki Bank robbers are still at large? This is getting more and more bizarre.


We cannot say that we want to support anti-corruption and then demure whenever someone we like is caught. We cannot be supporting anti-corruption yet not interested in  the substance of the accusation just because we don’t like the people prosecuting it.  The institutions to fight corruption must be strengthened. People would always think of whatever they feel but “facts” must be sacrosanct. Saraki must defend himself against theft. He cannot get away with it.

Let all the Senators pass a vote of confidence on Saraki. Let all blow their kisses for Saraki. Dat na shakara. The fact still remains that he would answer his charges. He should understand that there are so many people jostling for attention in a marriage ceremony. Only the husband and wife are left after the show. He would be the only one answering his charges despite the crowd he is amassing. They can’t help him..

For now, I hail my senate President oo!!  I still remain very loyal as I nor talk naadaa!!! Ewolewoo!!

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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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