Saraki: The making of an artful dodger

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Saraki went to court today and dodged. He doesn’t want to go for trial.

There is something I have sadly found out in Nigeria. It is this; You need to be rich and you would most likely get away with murder.  Saraki is doing whatever he can to get out of the judicial hole he has found himself. He is able to do this because he is rich and powerful.  He is using the money (mind you, your money!!) to meander through the kobo-kobo judiciary that we are saddled with. This man doesn’t want to go for trial and he is using his resources and connections to orchestrate a complicated manoeuvring process.  Will it work? I am not ready to disavow whether he would succeed or not because with our judicial system anything is possible.


After spending so much to get his case up to the Supreme Court yet failed, he is plying another route to go back to the Supreme Court. Somehow, I feel he now believes the judges that complicated his earlier case in the Supreme Court have changed their minds now. He has gone to the CCT to claim the issue of jurisdiction, even as the earlier judgement of the supreme court never favoured him on the same subject.


I still don’t understand why a man would claim to be a billionaire yet would not be interested in explaining how he made his billions. This is more imperative for a public officer to do. I want to know how a man is fighting the opportunity of defending himself against the allegations of anticipatory declaration of assets. If you claim everything you made was from legitimate earnings, then step on stage and prove it. Why this is difficult I don’t know.


I know saraki is aiming to push this jurisdiction case up to the supreme court again, I know he believes he has the ‘right’ judges that would scuttle the case for him at the court.  I believe that this guy is trying to turn the system on its head with the stolen money that he’s gotten.  He should understand that we can see  through his style and we know what he is planning.


Saraki must go to that CCT. He must show how he made his money. He must explain the discrepancies in his asset declaration forms and the reality as seen on ground. He would not escape this.

This pick-pocket has been exposed. We can see his face. He must talk….Ewolewoo!!

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