Saraki: When an open thief becomes “Oga Patapata”

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Are you surprised that Saraki wants to change the CCT/CCB act? I am surprised that anyone is suprised at all. I knew he would enter this mode. If you have been following our analysis on him, this should have been something foretold.

We are now in the season where thieves rule. Infact we have accepted the fact that once you are a proven thief, you can change the rules of the game. You can even change the rule that calls you a thief and become the head of the rule. In Nigeria, we have told the Brazilians, who are about to impeach their president for corruption, that dem “nor sabi anytin”. Dem nor no naadaa!! We have a certified wayo man as the head of our senate, and he is determined to make laws for us. We nor wan know.


When a thief becomes too friendly to the policeman in your area, please look for another place to stay because your safety is no longer guaranteed.  Saraki, after he is emboldened by the belief that notin dey happen, now wants to change the law that is being used to charge him to court. When I said this thief has no shame, I made a mistake. I should have said that this thief  is shaming shame itself in its game. A man that has been caught is still playing superman?  Kai!! Chai!! Haa!!


To fight corruption in this country is becoming impossible day after day I tell you. In a country where people value what happens to their reputation, someone like Saraki would have been a forgone conclusion. That he has the temerity to organize the change of the CCB/CCT act despite the mountain of “tif tif” accusations against him shows something very fundamental. It shows that the system is gone. It shows that the system cannot even be protected when a rich and powerful thief attacks. It shows that the structures that we have for protection are incompetently ineffective when a rich thief is on the prowl.  It has exposed our powerlessness.


You would have expected Saraki to be giving the great people of kwara state the details of his stewardship. You would have expected Saraki to directly speak with to the people and defend himself against the accusation that he stole their money without mercy. You would have expected him to fight out the fat that all those properties and loads of cash traced to him were given to him by the  late “Oloye”. The only meaningful job he did before venturing into public office was his work at Society Generale Bank. Ofcourse in the same spirit of “chop-and-kill-it” the  SGBN is now between heaven and hell above. The bank died like fried plantain. If you want the actual story, please ask J.J Okocha. I am sure he has loads of stories in that regard.  However Saraki gives no damn about the people of kwara state.


Kwara money has been chopped  of circulation, what he is looking for now is Nigeria money. He is so angry that the CCB/CCT people are trying to block him from reaching his full potential of Whacking. To him, the level of stealing he has graduated to now can only be properly serviced at the national level. State level’s money can no longer satisfy the gluttonous loot of this man. I am not too surprised that he is fighting tooth and nail to scatter this case. However it would not work.


Saraki has been caught by his wrist. He has been apprehended by people he knows have all the details about his loot. He knows his friends. He knows his enemies. However, he has found out that when your enemies are in possession of incriminating evidence against you, there is little room to manoeuvre.


 Saraki just shows us why corruption is a “darling” here. His staying power depicts the staying power of corruption.  In Nigeria corruption rules!! The Brazilians want their President to go due to corruption. Nigerians are allowing their senate president to stay in spite of corruption.  Saraki knows this and I don’t blame him for tapping into that mindset.  Ewolewooo!!  

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