Saraki: A thief without shame…

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There is one interesting thing about the system we operate in Nigeria, the system loves rich thieves.  The Judiciary loves rich thieves. The security system loves rich thieves. Infact  it seems  many Nigerians have adoration for rich thieves. If I am talking Baloney, then, take a look at Saraki. This man is still the no 3 man in the country, yet he is a proven wayo man.  He has stolen the great people of kwara state out  of normalcy. Yet he still has the Emir and Imams praying for him. I ask why?


To make this matter more annoying, he has used his contacts to infiltrate the kobo-kobo judiciary with the view of escaping punishment.  He wants the court to give an order that he should not be tried for corruption. Will he get it? I can’t place my bet on Nigeria Judiciary not to give him!!


If there is anything like shame, definitely Saraki hasn’t heard of it. The other day, the Panama leak brought out shell companies that Bukola Saraki was using as a channel to launder money.  He fronted his wife, Toyin, as the owner of the companies. When caught, he told us that it was the wife’s family business. However, Toyin, knowing fully well that her own siblings could come for their share of the stake in the shell companies, immediately contradicted her husband. When a thief is caught, the discordant tunes with his accomplices would be quite ominous.  This caught thief is still in the senate as the senate President. What an aberration!! Na wa o!!


The kwara people don see something o!!  This thing is in-born in this man I tell you. Some years back, this man went to Zimbabwe and brought to kwara some white Zimbabweans who have been chased away from their lands. He only  brought them  here for show.  Then, he  formed what he called Shonga farms. He used Kwara state’s money and resources for the purpose of the shonga farms. Though he claimed he borrowed from the banks. I don’t know how banks would be indifferent to a business their money was invested in. He just did what I called “wully wully” and fleeced kwara money.  Though the shonga farms ltd was “sponsored” by kwara money, no one knows what is really happening in that farm as I speak to you today. Money just waka like that!!.  He formed a bogus project for the purpose of money laundering.  From the Panama leaks, you can understand better where some of the money disappeared into.


The mere fact that someone that  everyone knows is a certified thief is still our no 3 citizen says a lot about us as people.  Saraki knows that nomatter the details that come into light, Nigerians would still allow him. Saraki is aware that he could waffle his ways through the murky environment of politics even with all the facts coming to light. He knows that Nigeria system would create the loopholes that a determined rich thief like him could manipulate. Unfortunately, he seems to be correct. Every single day that he remains the senate President just confirms that thievery is the way to go. It is sad but true.


When you want to see a thief, please look at the picture above. …Ewolewoo!!

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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