Saraki’s sad lesson: Better be rich anyway you can…

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Better be rich anyway you can in Nigeria..


Senator Bukola Saraki has been told to come to the court and explain how he got the assets he never declared. You know what he has done now? He has gone to the Appeal court to stop it because it is “political persecution”. A rich man cannot go to court again in Nigeria; it is only me and you.


The funniest thing is this: The man doesn’t even want to talk about the case at hand. He doesn’t want to discuss about the allegations against him. The man is not ready to look at Nigerians and tell Nigerians that he made his money in a transparent manner. What he is doing right now is “political braggadocio” just because he feels he is up there and no one should know anything. I don’t get it.


You cannot be the Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and you want an allegation of “self-enrichment” against you to be washed away just because you feel the people pushing it do not like your face or your guts. This is funny. Must the prosecutor of your case be your friend? You cannot just be hiding in your cocoon and be spewing issues that make no sense just because you feel you are rich and no one should get to you. The central mantra to this is simple: Saraki cannot dictate the way and method he should be tried or prosecuted. It is not his call. He can get his lawyers to court and argue his case but he cannot be allowed to choose how his case would be arranged.


A rich man is accused of stealing and he refuses to go to court. What then is the meaning of having a court? What I see in the arguments of people who are routing for him is simple: they want to muddle up the issues so that Saraki would not answer any critical questions. This is strange I tell you. There are so many ordinary people in Nigerian prisons awaiting trial on allegations of fraud, some as little as #5000, yet I have never read where they refused to go to court or be tried just because they didn’t like the method of their arrangements.  This is setting a very bad precedent in the system.


Saraki is the substantive senate President for crying out loud. He owes everyone the critical fact of explaining his side of the story in these allegations in court. You cannot continue to remain as the “chief law maker”of a country when you do not want to explain allegations that bother on integrity. So what is he saying? We should leave him alone with the allegations and let him continue in that position abi? Or we should pat him at back and say “forget them” and don’t explain anything? Someone somewhere should be more reasonable na..

Chai!! To be a poor man in Nigeria na wahala o!!  So it is now official that as a “ big man” no one can drag me to any “nonsense court” because I am a big man. I don’t need to explain anything to anybody because I am a very rich man. Infact the whole institutions of crime control are just meant for the “small time thieves” who should be better schooled in being “big time rogues”. This is our wahala in the system.

For saraki supporters, I agree with you guys because since every one is a thief, Saraki should be left alone to continue chopping his money and also being the Senate President. Na only him chop? We (saraki supporters)need to continue the protests so that he would not be removed because of “political persecution”. Make dem leave oo!! Meanwhile Senator Adolphus Wabara left because of allegations of #50million bribe and Okadigbo was removed because of allegations of anticipatory approvals that he hadn’t even seen. These guys were never taken to court, but in Saraki’s case na bad belle…


Saraki should go and answer his Father’s name biko!!! Ewolewoooo!!!

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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