Save me and your ministerial nominees will go in peace. If not…

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There was a meeting between the President, the speaker of the National assembly and the Senate President  a couple of days back. We were told it was held to find a common ground between the executive and the legislative arm of government because of this ministerial nominees’ issue.  However,  with my knowledge of Nigerian government and politics. I believe the whole meeting has been “orchestrated” to help one man avoid going to the code of conduct tribunal on 21st of October.  He has been able to use the ministerial nominees’ as the bargaining chip. You know what? He seems to be winning!!

When the EFCC came with what they called “hard-evidence” against his wife, he was able to use his “manipulative rigmarole” to scare Lamorde and his EFCC boys away. As we speak Lamorde is hiding in a corner of his office, the way a rat runs for cover. He(Lamorde) is only interested in  jailing small-time fraudsters that would not give him too much headache. He has been able to scare Lamorde away.  Stay off my case if you want peace on that seat of yours. Lamorde seems to understand the “örder”. He is now a “good boy”. This is quite strange!!

The Police said they’ve got some case against him sometime ago, but as we speak now the police seems to be less interested in the case. The way it is, the case   is now in the cooler. Notin do am..

You can see the way the Appeal court “sauntered powerfully” into his case with the CCB. In the light of the meeting held with the President and other top members of the national assembly, I am not surprised with the curious ‘interest’ the appeal court is showing in this instance. I won’t be alarmed if he gets what he wants from the court I tell you.  The man is suddenly very confident and the confidence is not for nothing.

If you noticed the meeting that was held, the deputy senate President was not there. So it definitely couldn’t have just been the meeting of executive with the legislative members. It was a meeting meant to save one man and the deputy senate president’s presence could complicate issues. The talk would be simple:  “Stop the case against me and you would see less drama with your nominees”. He initially “fumbled” with the idea of ”vetting” the President as the Petroleum minister but relented because he felt it could complicate his moves. However, he seems to have found other ways.

We are at the sideline watching the chess game as it’s unfolding.  We want to see how the Appeal court will tell a “big man” not to go to court and defend what is essentially a theft case.  We will want to see how it is now a confirmation that a “big man” can be suspected of killing and nothing would happen. On October 16, we will all see the technicalities they want to bring out just to save one man.  We are all watching…

For now, I must confess that the man is adept at playing chess games. He is really “checking” out everybody in this game. However, no one is a fool….

I nor mention anybody name ooo!! I nor talk naada!! Ewolewooo!!!

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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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