With a senate like this….hmm!!

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Let us assume for argument sake that the senate was right that the 2016 budget was ‘stolen’. Let us assume for argument sake that the recant of the senate that it wasn’t stolen was right. Let us assume that the later change in tone by the senate President that they have 2 versions of the budget was right. Let us assume that the senators ‘should be hailed’ for exposing the fact that the budget (both hard and soft copies} in their possession was ‘missing’.  Let us say that the senators were right..

The point is this: they are confused. Is it rocket science for anyone to understand that the budget must and should be re-visited? For the senators information the price of crude oil as of today is less than $30/barrel(and still falling!!) but  the budget 2016 is predicated on  $38/barrel. In other words, the budget they have with them is essentially ‘useless’. With the benefit of what is happening in the world of oil price damaging turbulence they ought to have requested major adjustments on the budget.  

With the way oil price is tumbling, I don’t know about all the talk about nothing. The dumb senators should have immediately  requested for major amendments even when not yet told to do so. However I know what all the talk is all about.

All the talk about nothing is about the fact that the senate document that produced Saraki and Ekweremadu as the Senate and deputy Senate President has been found out to be forged.  All attempts to kill it have met brick wall because “some people” have refused to be bribed. The talk about nothing is about the fact that saraki’s case in the supreme court would soon be decided and some people are not speaking the kind of English everyone understands. All the talk is about the fact that the Senators want big customised cars for themselves and Buhari  spoke against it.


This war against corruption would not stop. If all these are being done so as to derail attempts at making life uncomfortable for plain thieves it wouldn’t work. If People still believe that Nigeria when crude oil sold for $120/barrel is the same as today as crude is selling at $29/barrel, then there’s problem for that thought. You refused to call for the arrest and prosecution of the man who presided(and bastardized the savings) when crude was selling at $120/barrel but called for the impeachment of someone who is trying to cope with high expectations when crude is selling at $29/barrel. Some people are obviously going nuts I tell you.


That budget should be worked and reworked if necessary because the premise(which is largely crude oil price) has become nauseatingly unreliable in the extreme. Anyone who loves Nigeria should actually request(or make effort ) that the budget is adjusted. I will advise that the Government adjust the ceiling to about $20/barrel because it is very precarious as we speak.

With these kind of senators…….hmm..Ewolewoo!!



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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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