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I tire for people o!!  You want senators not to drive the best cars in Nigeria. You complain that they are going to use close to 5 billion naira to buy exotic cars for themselves. Why people nor wan understand sef? Why? Is it our fault that Nigeria is broke? Na we say make crude oil price crash? Why is it an offence to enjoy someone’s life to the fullest when he is alive? Buhari should take his time o!!


You guys want the senators to cut their pay? You want them to slash their salaries abi? Mbanu!! Anaememe!! Why are you people so wicked!! You want people who God has “blessed bountifully” to reject the “Glory”? for wetin na? Why are you guys so unreasonable?


As a senator, that controls a third of the electorate that the Governor is controlling, there must at least be a projected enjoyment in line with what the Governor is getting. Yes!! You can do it on pro-rata basis and let me get the third of my Governor’s allowances. Why do you honestly expect me to get far less? Is that how you people hate us? We really need nuclear bomb shield with this kind of hatred o!!


Being a senator has given me the leeway to go for my preferred “Sisi tomato”. This is apart from the “others” who are hoping on me !! You know I have my spec because I like beta tins. I need to get her and treat her well as a senator. Is it not money that I need to do this? Tell me!! She needs to know she’s going out with the honourable member of the Nigerian senate. Owu ujo? Her family needs to know that it is me she’s going out with. Please you people shouldn’t annoy me o!! This is democracy and you’ve got to understand that.


You need to also know that I have my constituency to settle. I need to go for weddings and I must not disappoint. I would go for naming ceremonies and I must perform. I must settle people anytime I leave Abuja. Do you people think that I would always be in Abuja? I must touch “area” too and many people have to enjoy my being home. So don’t touch my constituency project allowee o!! Don’t touch my car allowee oo!! Don’t touch my car tins o!!  Why can’t you guys just understand simple things? People nor good ooo!!!


You guys should also know that we’ve got former governors with us. So what do you expect? These are guys who have decided to put Nigeria first by coming to the senate. They have greatly sacrificed for us in no small measure. Now you want them to cut their money?? You now want them to reduce their emoluments? Nnu dikwa egwu o!! Must we suffer? What are you people saying? God is watching all of us o!!



Let me tell you guys something, I know what I would have gained if I didn’t come to the senate. I know what I am losing just because I want to serve my father land. I am an international businessman with Links all over the world. I am losing millions by coming to this chamber. The least you guys should do for me is to appreciate my sacrifice and treat me accordingly. Why are people interested in drawing Nigeria backward? How much is the money we are talking about sef? Nor be we cause Nigeria problems o!! Haha, God save us o!!


Abeg, no one should touch our money I take God beg una!! Go and tell Buhari to look for money elsewhere.  Dasuki is there, collect all the money from him. Deziani dey dia. All the bad people dey dia.At least he said he wants to probe. Let him go and probe and collect all the money so that you guys would leave us in peace. Wich kaind wahala be ds? Some people should understand that we(senators) are not the cause of their frustrations o! We just want the peace of mind in our corners..


Let me keep quiet for now.. The amadioha thunder that I am restraining can still be unleashed if anything or any attempt is made on my money I tell you. The God of Ogun is still doing press up in readiness for any bad belle on us. My money is my own national cake. This is Legal at least  you nor go say we steal am…People, Take ya time OO!! Ewolewooo!!!

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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