I have a side-kick meeting which Buhari must attend…Na wa O!!

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Buhari didn’t go to a meeting organized by diplomats on the boko haram and associated issues and this is newsworthy. You would almost wonder whether it is the meeting that is fighting on the ground with Boko haram. It is so serious that you even heard people quoting that diplomats, not head of states or Presidents mind you, were disappointed. This wasn’t a meeting between head of governments, it was a meeting between various diplomats.  Once our President didn’t attend such meeting it became an avenue to spew the normal hate speeches and write ups. Na so we hold our President? Na wa o!!


The last time I read about Obama, I read that he was going to have meeting with Vladimir Putin of Russia on this Syria debacle. The meeting might also involve the Presidents of France and the British Prime minister. I never read a meeting where Russian diplomats were expecting Obama to come to the meeting they called with their fellow American diplomats. Obama was going for a meeting with Putin, shikena!! Any other side meeting(s) with diplomats is at his discretion. Trying to reduce the President of Nigeria to just “anyhow movements” is taking this hate stuff just off the mark.


Suddenly, Buhari’s non-attendance of a meeting convened by diplomats in New York has been so “spinned” to be far and above the issue of anti-corruption war. A meeting in new york is now being made to look as the main koko (apologies to Dbanj). The senate President was called an “Ole” by the same people he claims to represent and a lot of people are dying to make the news disappear. They want us to believe that a side meeting of diplomats in New York is far more important. I don’t get it.


Meanwhile, the PDP has come out to say they would swim or sink with Saraki no matter what. Do you still wonder why it is so difficult to fight corruption in Nigeria? PDP is supporting saraki, yet Saraki said he is setting up probe panel that would check what OBJ,Yaradua and Jonathan(all PDP presidents) had done in Power sector. Nor be craze be dat? See saraki see probes!! Are they all normal?


I remember the time we were young, once someone is accused of theft, everyone becomes very cautious around him or her. We try as much as possible to keep some distance from such individual. However, it is different today, a suspected big thief has a lot of “friends”. If he could claim political witch hunt, the friends multiply. The issue is no longer whether he stole but why they are witch haunting him. The moral value has really changed I tell you. To catch a thief is deliberately being made to become more complicated.


Buhari needs to push this anti-corruption issue to the logical conclusion. People are used to government money servicing businesses. People are used to government money funding vacations. People are used to government money funding the expensive school fees of their wards in ivy colleges abroad. They want that continuous government money paying for expensive lifestyles and properties purchases. They are used to Government money galvanizing their “amorous interests” all-over. It is government money or nothing I tell you. Suddenly, someone is putting a lock on the taps and there’s confusion everywhere. It just confirms that little business is growing in Nigeria, it is just government money all around. So how we go grow? How?


Due to this, anything about what Buhari said (or didn’t say) and where he did(or didn’t?) go is newsworthy just to create distraction. People wan chop moni. That is the issue. Nigeria of 4 months is now far worse than Nigeria of 5 years of debilitating rule in their mindsets. I agree with them considering where they are coming from. It is government money in the system to be whacked or nothing…


If Buhari would continue to show that personal example of encouraging people to look less at Government money, then I will continue to be his man….Ewolewoo!!!

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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