Soludo’s treatease about CBN and GEJ: Emefiele was appointed to be ATM. He had no choice…

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Just recently, Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo ( former CBN governor) was castigating the CBN. He said that the CBN turned into an ATM for Jonathan. I am really surprised that a lot of Nigerians didn’t see this coming. The way the present CBN governor came into office couldn’t have made anyone perform better.


We all witnessed the way Lamido Sanusi was bundled out of office. We saw the way he was maligned, insulted and thrown to the dogs just because he said 50 billion dollars was missing. We saw the way meetings were hurriedly called and the money was “reconciled” to 20 billion dollars. We all witnessed how he was “wickedly tackled to the ground and grabbed in the neck”.  Then suddenly, out of the blues, the M.D of Zenith bank, an appointee of Jim Ovia, was immediately made the CBN governor. If you were that guy what would you have done? The message was clear; We want money anyhow, anyways. The man understood.


Let me tell you something else: The intervening period between the time Sanusi was elbowed out and the waiting period for Emefiele to come in was equally instructive. You know there was an acting CBN governor ,Dr Sarah Alade, within that time. A character like Dasuki, zoomed in during that period and collected whatever he wanted. The lady acting governor just complied without question. Wetin you want make she do? She had seen how the “intransigence” of the former governor cost him his job and she was not ready to follow suit.


The circumstances that produced Emefiele were ripe for “raping of the vault”. The period Emefiele came in was a period that compliance to carry out looting of the vault was a “national duty”. He saw how Jonathan sacked Sanusi despite not having the powers to do so. He saw how the courts frustrated all attempts to clearly define the what powers the President has over the CBN governor. He saw how the former president essentially got away with ‘murder’. Emefiele saw all these and of course he wasn’t ready to leave the coveted seat of the CBN governor so soon. He had to comply in full.


Dasuki knew this and he acted. He acted with prompt ability of a criminal. He used that opportunity to strike and he struck “superbly”. He knows that  the best time to get a woman is when she is very  “vulnerable”. If a woman is scared of her job or anticipating an unsavoury discomfort to her mode of life that would prefer not happens. Dasuki understood this philosophy in the case of CBN and he got all he wanted.


The system has created a way to immune the CBN governor from political interference once he is appointed. The crafters of CBN act did this in anticipation of a scenario that I painted above. They did this to avoid someone just having direct access to the nations vault. However, this act was practically destroyed and the CBN governor is now a “shoe-shiner” to the President. This is the danger that has been shown to us in full glare.


The only option left to Emefiele or the lady that acted before he (Emefiele) took over would have been to resign. However, we know that is a long shot. No one would resign that kind of position in Nigeria. This is a position that lot of “fasting and prayers” have been offered for its actualization.   No one would resign o!!  Infact, if Jonathan had requested for more, Emefiele would have gladly obliged.

The way it is, the CBN governor would always “obey without question” any demand from the President no matter how disdainful. It now depends on the rationality of the man who is he president. Emefiele, stood no chance….Ewolewoo!!



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