Tompolo don vex!!

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How dare you declare chief Government Ekpemukpolor(Aka Tompolo) wanted? Una nor dey fear?? Do you know what you guys are trying to do? Do you know what you are putting your hands into? Do you know that there is Government in Abuja and there is also Government in Warri? The Government that controls warri also controls the Gbaramatu kingdom. Some people should take their time oo!!

Why are they disturbing Tompolo for chopping 13 billion naira? It doesn’t matter if it were only him that whacked the money. E nor matter if na only him chop am. Government is Government anywhere biko. People should understand that there are people who are above the law in this country and Tompolo is one of them.

Tompolo is Ijaw and Ijaw is Tompolo. If he chopped billions of naira, na Ijaw people chop am. Who dare you ask whether he used it for the benefit of the Ijaw people? If you don’t take care, there would be renewed agitation for resource control o!!  The business of Tompolo is to chop and tell any other person to go to blazes. Some people need to be careful the way they talk to Government o!! The same way the Government of Buhari is respected should be extended to Tompolo’s. There should be no ethnic bias.

Seriously, Tompolo is sitting on billions of naira. Some of the  billions, I believe,  have been used to buy sophisticated weapons to fight ‘anybody’. The ‘’Government’’ in Tompolo is fighting back and blowing pipelines. If he could prevent Jonathan, when he was the president, from coming to Warri, then EFCC na just meat to am. This is where we are now o!! He would turn this to resource control fight now. He would soon project himself as a victim. In Nigeria, the man who choped billions is the victim, while the people chasing him are the villains. That is the philosophy here !!

If the military responds to this threat, it would take a different colouration. It is do you are damned, don’t do you are damned. Tompolo has put everyone in a very complicated position.  Tompolo’s survival fate is now tied to millions of hapless people in Gbaramatu and Warri. These people never saw the money. They never got anything from the billions that Tompolo “swallowed”. However, many of them would feel the horror of his actions. Would they blame him? Wu wan die!!

Well Government Tompolo, I troway salute o!! Twale to your “government of National unity”. Just remember that your boys are still loyal o!! Nor mind bad belle people….Ewolewoo!!


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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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