US and UK Politicians; Please come to Nigeria for a lesson in enjoyment

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Na wa o!!! Just imagine, the prime minister of the UK, a whole UK, has a salary and other emoluments of less than 140,000 British pounds(#47m) per annum. Imagine that!! How can I be the Prime minister of the whole Britain and they’re giving me peanuts? To make matters worse, he flies on British airways anytime he wants to travel,”what an insult”!!


A US house of rep member’s salary is between US$170-180,000(#34-36million) per annum. Is it that these Americans don’t know how to enjoy? They don’t know how to tell the agency handling their salary structure to ‘behave’? I would rather be a house member in Nigeria than being a house member in the US biko. My God did not create me to suffer just because I want to serve my people. Na wa o!! Wicked people!!


Obama’s salary hovers between US$250,000-300,000 per annum(#50-60million). So with all d plenti grammar Obama dey yarn, E nor get money? Chai!! O di kwa egwu o!! How would I be the President of a whole US and I would be taking that as my total package? Infact it pays me to be the governor of Kebbi state than being the President of the US. Notin dey dia!!


Wait a minute, Alameisiagha(former Governor of Bayelsa state) had over 500000 british pounds(#165m) (raw cash)in his house the time his London apartment was searched over 7 years ago. Infact the metropolitan police guys searching his house almost fainted when alameisiagha told them that it was chicken money. Chai!! These UK and US political leaders are just ‘poor’ people joor!!


A constituent allowance, not the salary please,  for a state legislator can be up to 100 million naira(US$500k) quarterly in some cases!! The budget for the national assembly falls in the region of #150 billion Naira (about US$700 million). This is beside other “tins” that you are aware of o!! What this translates to is this: a member of the national assembly would “legally” take home, at the minimum, over #300million/annum (about US$1.5 million). Can you beat that? To hell with British Prime minister’s position. The Presidency of the US can go to blazes joor!! Haha!! Can’t you see??? I nor dey for poverty level o!! Grammar nor be money o!!


You are aware of a former Governor who used 78million naira to open a website. You are aware of Governors who just appropriated the state resources as theirs. You are aware of a former Governor, who told people to take 1 million naira for Mr biggs meat pies. You are aware of a former Governor that went to religious houses and donated tens of millions of naira. I can go on and on… Money dey plentiful, na spending be the wahala.. To be a billionaire, just join government and your path could be cleared.


Tell me why ASUU people (the lecturers) will not want their own share? Tell me why NMA guys(the doctors) will not want their own share? Tell me why people will not struggle to enter politics(the Nigerian style) ? Tell me why people would not go to “ori oke (mountain top) for prayers or engage Alphas,prophets, pastors, babalawos,dibias, etc to push through politics?. With this kind of money, and the chop and clean mouth attitude, anything is possible!! That is the challenge. How was the weekend? Na greet I com greet o!! Ewolewoooo!!!

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Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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