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Another way to view friendship…

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You are in trouble. You are in an unforgiving stress.  You feel you must lay bare your concerns(or needs) to someone. You feel you must “discharge” to a fellow that would help you out of your misery. The misery could be emotional, financial, physical, business or any other. Suddenly, a thought of a Friend comes to your mind. My brother, it is not easy.


There is a difference in still believing that you’ve got a friend who is a very top guy in an oil firm earning fantastic figures when you are still struggling. That friendship “get as e be”, because you are operating at totally different levels. His level of concerns and wants are totally at variance with yours. He could be thinking about buying a house(or building an estate) in Lekki  while you are just thinking of saving your marriage due to financial challenges. It takes more than being a friend for the gentleman to come down to your reasoning and help you out. If it happens, please “worship” such individual. It’s not easy I tell you.


You’ve got accommodation challenges. Infact you are thinking of where to hide your head because you are still trying to find your feet in this unstable situation. The next friend you thought of is married with kids. He is the only person that could be of help to you.  It is not an easy proposition because you could be friends but you have different realities staring you guys in your faces. The wife doesn’t know you, she probably heard of you from her hubby, so the connection is tenuous. You might not have the money to support the home or you are not a person who gives. If the guy doesn’t allow you to stay in his house, please understand and appreciate the complications. However if he (with his wife) allows you, that is beyond friendship. It is humanity. You just have to appreciate the guy and his family.


You are running a business, or rather; you are planning to operate a certain business. You got a friend you used to know as an honest man back in the days to be your point man for the business. You couldn’t be on ground because of other commitments. It is a difficult call I tell you. Realities could have changed your friend without your knowledge. He could run the business aground or just mess it up completely. However, if this friend still remains honest as you used to know him and extended it to your business then it is more than friendship. This is an individual that you can build real trust on. This kind of attribute is quite rare.


Friendship can be easy. Friendship can be complicated. Minutes can change characters. Mind you, none of the individuals I inferred is necessarily a bad person. It is just that realities of the different individuals have changed over-time. The change has necessitated a review of what each wants at a particular time. What each person wants might not correlate at that time making the definition of their friendship very tenuous.


When you have a friend who actually blends with you in terms of particular need, please don’t take it for granted. You need to keep that friendship. It is really rare….

Hope it continues to be peaceful and gentle around you….Ewolewooo!!!



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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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