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Warning: Sarcasm!!

APC want to sell nomination forms. If you want to contest for the Presidency you will fork out 45million for the form. For the Gubernatorial, you need to provide 22.5 million naira for the form. You will pay over 8million naira for the Senatorial form..It goes on and on for the other positions. For the PDP, it’s 12 million for the Presidential form. It goes on and on.. Why you no go pay? If you want to do business will you not invest? We don’t need poor people here o!!

Nigerians sef! We all know that politics is business. We know that if you are a President, you’re made in your entire Generation. We know that as a Governor, it is only the almighty that can bring you down. You’re totally made as a Governor. In fact you’re a Billionaire once you’re announced as the winner of the election. So what is 22.5 million naira? That’s a token now!! Infact I don’t know why the party didn’t make it up to 100 million naira. It means that there are God fearing people in the party. Yes now. 22.5 million naira is just a pittance biko. You want to be a multi Billionaire yet you don’t want to risk a small “change” like 22.5 million naira? Haa!! Fear God o!!

Just imagine 8.5 million naira for the Senatorial form? Is that fair? That’s chicken change. Why would the party do such a thing? It should have been about 50 million naira! Yes! As a senator, you have a salary of over 30 million naira monthly. This excludes all the estacodes and allowances due as committee member or chairman o. Yet you don’t want to invest 8 million naira to buy form? You be wayo man! The world is not made for only you to enjoy o! Thunder still dey faya ooo!!

Why are people this selfish and wicked? If you go to a Babalawo for money making rituals, won’t you deposit something? Would you not be told to pay something? How come people are making fuss over what they know everyone knows we all know? We sabi o!! You have to pay joor!! You want to make money yet you don’t want to risk your pockets? E nor go work..

Politics in Nigeria is mega business. The returns on investments, once you’re successful, is monumental. It is astronomical in terms of what you get in return. So you must pay o!! No one would see your shadows again after winning. This is our time, as a party, to collect our own. Please go and bring the money and stop blowing all this big grammar. No stingy person is allowed here. Poor people are barred from this arena. Abeg go park for ya lane o!

Business is opened for anyone who is ready to do business. If you are not ready, stop disturbing our ears with too much turenchi. Money for hand…… I don keep quiet…Hope it remains peaceful and gentle around you…Ewolewoo!!

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Ik Uremeh

Ik uremeh is a social commentator who believes that everyone deserves to live within the confines of his strengths. He is just like YOU.He says: Life is good when everyone desires so...

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